Don’t ever ask Larry David about his net worth. Ever. That’s the hard — and hilarious — lesson CNN’s Chris Wallace recently learned.

In the latest episode of Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace? on Max, the 76-year-old veteran newsman recalled to David that his father — the famed 60 Minutes Correspondent Mike Wallace — once told Johnny Carson that people are always “fascinated” by how much rich people are worth.

Before Wallace could even finish his thought David interjected, and his timing was spot-on.

“That’s terrible. Terrible question,” he said. “Who’s your father think he was, by the way?”

Wallace insisted it was a great question, which is why he then proceeded to ask it, much to David’s chagrin.

“On the internet … the over/under is half a billion dollars,” Wallace tells David, who damn near spit out the water he sipped.

In an attempt to either avoid the question and change the subject, the Seinfeld co-creator informed Wallace he was out of water. But Wallace doubled down.

“Over or under half a billion dollars?” Wallace asked, to which David responded with, “I’m gonna say what should have been said to your father — none of your f***ing business. How about that?”

David then scoffed at the “half a billion dollars” estimation regarding his net worth.

“And that’s ridiculous,” he said. “That’s ridiculous … the number is so preposterous. OK. Ridiculous.”

Wallace then wondered if it was more in the $100 million range, but David wasn’t having it.

“OK, how about you shut up?” David jokingly shot back. “How about you shut up? Is that alright?”

Befuddled, Wallace was left near speechless.

“I gotta say, you know, 100 interviews. Nobody’s ever said that to me before,” Wallace answered.

Cue the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme song!

It’s easy to see why David’s net worth is an interesting topic for some folks. Forbes reported in 2015 that “his net worth is in the hundreds of millions of dollars, with some reporting that before his recent divorce, it could have been as high as $900 million.”

David co-created Seinfeld, which has generated millions for him since the hit NBC sitcom went into syndication. Then there’s his HBO hit series, Curb Your Enthusiasm, which this year kicked off its 12th and final season. ET was with David at the L.A. premiere of Curb, where he confirmed that this is absolutely it when it comes to Curb.

“Yeah. What do I have to do [to convince people]? Yes, it’s so, it’s so. I’m tired of people thinking I’m lying,” David exclaimed to ET. “We’re done, it’s over, yeah, it’s over.”


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