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A step-by-step guide that will help you create, share, and deploy applications across your organization using Microsoft Power Apps

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Key FeaturesBuild apps from scratch to solve real-world business scenariosLearn how to keep app data secure with expanded coverage on DataverseIncorporate AI into your app building process using AI Builder and CopilotBook Description

Microsoft Power Apps provides a modern approach to building low-code business applications for mobiles, tablets, browsers, and Microsoft Teams. The second edition of Learn Microsoft Power Apps will guide you in creating well designed and secure apps that transform old processes and workflows.

Learn Microsoft Power Apps starts with an introduction to Power Apps to help you feel comfortable with the creation experience. Using screenshots from the latest UI, you will be guided through how to create an app, building your confidence to start developing further. This book will help you design, set up, and configure your first application by writing simple formulas. You’ll learn about the different types of apps you can build in Power Apps and which one applies best to your requirements.

In addition to this, you’ll learn how to identify the right data storage system for you, with new chapters covering how to integrate apps with SharePoint or Dataverse. As you advance, you’ll be able to use various controls, connectors, and data sources to create a powerful, interactive app. For example, this book will help you understand how Power Apps can use Microsoft Power Automate, Power BI, and Azure functionalities to improve your applications. Finally, you will be introduced to the emerging Power Apps Copilot tool, which uses artificial intelligence to accelerate the app building process.

By the end of this Power Apps book, you’ll be ready to confidently develop lightweight business applications with minimal code.

What you will learnUnderstand the Power Apps ecosystem and licensingTake your first steps building canvas appsDevelop apps using intermediate techniques such as the barcode scanner and GPS controlsExplore new connectors to integrate tools across the Power PlatformStore data in Dataverse using model-driven appsDiscover the best practices for building apps cleanly and effectivelyUse AI for app development with AI Builder and CopilotWho this book is for

This book is intended for business analysts, IT professionals, and both developers and non-developers alike. If you want to meet business needs by creating purpose-built apps, this book is for you. To get the most out of this book, it is recommended that you have a basic understanding of Microsoft 365 as you will interact with various elements of it while developing apps.

Table of ContentsIntroducing Power AppsCreating Your First Canvas Power AppCreating Apps in SharePointPublishing and Leveraging in Power AppsExploring ControlsExploring FormulasExploring Reusable ControlsWorking With DataIntroducing ConnectorsUsing GPS in Power AppsWorking with Images and BarcodesSecuring Your PowerAppsWorking OfflineUsing Power Automate with Power AppsUsing Azure with Power AppsVisualizing DataIntroducing Artificial IntelligenceIntroducing Microsoft DataverseIntroducing Model-Driven AppsCreating Model-Driven AppsExploring Environments and Data PoliciesIntroducing the Future of Power AppsGood Practices for Creating Power AppsAppendix

From the Publisher

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Create no-code in no time

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Design your own apps

Discover how you can configure the controls, user interface, and data storage for your business application by following simple, no-code steps.

One of the key skills you build in this book is designing canvas apps from scratch. You’ll also learn how to gain complete control over your user interface and customize it to your preference.

Create data-centric apps

Harness the capabilities of Microsoft Dataverse to create model-driven apps. This robust data storage solution enables you to develop applications that interact with data in a straightforward and secure way.

This book will instruct you on how to efficiently construct these apps to address data-intensive business needs.

Explore controls for building apps

Learn how to seamlessly integrate barcode scanning, camera controls, text detection, maps, GPS functionality, and much more to customize your app.

By refining your skills in working with these controls, and with a dedicated chapter on enabling offline functionality, you’ll be able to create apps well-suited for mobile use.

B17443 - latest featuresB17443 - latest features

Make the most of the latest Microsoft features

In 2023, Microsoft ushered in a technological revolution by integrating artificial intelligence features into its business solutions. In this new edition, you’ll find out how to leverage AI Builder to incorporate sentiment analysis and text recognition capabilities into your application.

What’s even more exciting, with the introduction of Microsoft Copilot, you’ll be well-prepared to embrace the future of app development in Power Apps through natural language processing.

B17443 - instructionsB17443 - instructions

Learn through straightforward instructions

Since the launch of the Power Platform in 2018, significant changes have occurred within the world of Power Apps.

The first edition of this book, published in 2019, explored its potential for no-code users of Power Apps.

With the release of this second edition four years later, you can now reflect on how the platform has evolved over time, incorporating new features, venturing into the realm of AI-assisted app development, and gradually integrating Power Apps with the broader Microsoft ecosystem.

This integration extends to powerful technology stacks such as Microsoft Teams and Dataverse.

Key exercises Labs 1-2: Canvas apps and apps in SharePoint Labs 4-7: Controls, formulas, components, data collections, and galleries Labs 8-9: GPS controls, camera controls, barcode scanner Lab 10: Security patterns Lab 12: Integration with Power Automate Labs 14-16: Dataverse, databases, and model-driven apps

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App formats
Canvas apps, model-driven apps Canvas apps, model-driven apps

Working with formulas
Controls, control groups, components, component libraries Controls

Mobile features
GPS, camera, barcodes, working offline GPS, camera, barcodes, working offline

Data security, dataverse, dataverse for Teams, SharePoint, data visualization, best practices Data security, CDS, SharePoint

AI Builder, Copilot –

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Packt Publishing; 2nd ed. edition (September 29, 2023)
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