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Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Tracker season 1 finale!


  • Star Justin Hartley reveals the ending of
    season 1 sets the stage for season 2 because of its new info on Colter’s father.
  • The complexity of the revelation surrounding Colter’s dad’s affair will impact him and lead to a wild season 2.
  • There’s now a twist in the mystery as Colter realizes someone else may have motive for killing his father.

Tracker star Justin Hartley has unpacked the ending of season 1 of the show, revealing how new information surrounding Colter’s father could lead to a deeper mystery in season 2. The season finale of the action drama saw its main hero learn his father was having an affair with Lizzy’s mother, his old friend telling him she discovered it after her mother’s death. This opens a new path of motivation for why Colter’s dad was killed, and how the characters in Tracker will approach the mystery moving forward.

Speaking with TV Insider, Hartley revealing how the ending of Tracker season 1 sets the stage for season 2, revealing what to expect next from the show. The actor explained how the complexity of this new revelation will impact Colter, while also confirming how wild season 2 is going to be thanks to this new information. Check out what Hartley had to say below:

I think it’s very, very cool that this guy who has all the answers, Colter Shaw, who figures everything out and has his world figured out and it’s very simple, thought something and is now realizing that it’s completely different than what he thought. I love the idea of a twist. There is a huge twist because now it’s like, wait a minute, someone else has a motive now. The person out there who killed my father is still out there, maybe. I don’t know if this man’s still alive or whatever. Russell [Jensen Ackles] said there was another man out there and now I find out about an affair and I’m like, wait a minute, that looks like very strong motive. I love the mystery of it.

There’s all the government work, too, and all of these things when you’re like, “Oh, my dad’s nuts. He’s going paranoid, the government’s after him, people are going to kill us.” And now the more Colter’s finding out about this stuff, he’s like, “Wait a minute, was this lunatic actually onto something? Let’s revisit this.” And why are people hiding all this stuff from him? It’s just a lot of mystery and I love the way that our writers wrapped up Season 1 and answered a lot of questions and you feel really satisfied when you watch the episode—at least I did, and I hope everyone else does. But at the same time, it certainly does lead to a holy hell for Season 2. I love that, too, the lead-in for Season 2 and the big cliffhanger.

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