Marquise White, a science teacher in PG County, Maryland, recently came under fire after a video of him interacting with his students went viral. The footage showed a group of female students taking out his braids in the classroom.

The clip sparked a plethora of mixed reactions from social media users.

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Parents from PG County are now stepping in to discuss the viral video further. Was White’s interaction with his students too much? Or is the clip being taken out of context? Additionally, how is the Maryland school responding to the incident?

The Shade Room’s Justin Carter is getting answers for ‘TSR Investigates.’

More Details About Marquise White & The Viral Incident

According to Carter, White started his career as a substitute teacher at the Maya Angelou French Immersion School in Hillcrest, Maryland. Four years later, he was promoted to a full-time science teacher position.

Carter notes that White built a strong bond with his students — so strong that they referred to one another as “besties.”

White documented his time in the classroom via TikTok. His videos showed him playing darts with his students and participating in TikTok trends. However, one video of White’s caught the attention of the masses.

On May 3, while reportedly on a livestream, White showed four or five female students taking out his braids. On May 3, he uploaded the footage to his TikTok with a defense for his interaction. To date, the video has garnered over 6 million views and a slew of negative comments, according to Carter.

“If I was a female teacher, those people wouldn’t be in the comments saying, ‘Oh, this is weird, this is inappropriate,” he said. “Because me, personally, I don’t see anything weird about this — they see me as a big brother or father figure, as some of them say.”

The Parents Of Students Share Their Thoughts

According to Carter, some reactions highlighted that White’s interaction with his students could have a positive impact. In a video shared after the viral clip, White highlighted that one of his students now wants to pursue a career in cosmetology.

Still, the viral debate about White’s actions continues.

Scroll above to watch Carter speak with various parents of students in PG County about their perspectives on the incident. Additionally, the PG County school district has shared an update about White’s position with the institution.

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