Amy Roloff ignores Matt Roloff‘s medical emergency on Little People, Big World. She feels he is always calling wolf. But she understands that as they age, these health issues are becoming more serious.

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff Undergoes Surgery

Matt Roloff has been dealing with issues with his esophagus. He reveals that it has been going on for a couple of years. He explains that it feels like it’s closed off at times. But not after every meal. However, he wasn’t sure what was bringing it on. He doesn’t know if he is eating too much or too fast.

The Little People, Big World reality star feels his esophagus gets “very angry, very quickly” and generates phlegm. Amy Roloff’s ex-husband explains that it “bubbles up like a volcano until it comes out.” He says it’s “very shocking” and “dramatic.”

The doctor recommends that Matt gets a procedure where they go down his esophagus with a scope and stretch it so food will go down easier. He says it’s a “routine procedure.” But it doesn’t go as planned. And he is rushed back into the operating room.

Amy Roloff’s Ex-husband Matt Faces Medical Scare

Matt finds out that there was a complication with his surgery. The doctor was concerned that they may have perforated his esophagus. So, they ran tests to see if the wall of his esophagus was perforated. However, during the test, it didn’t show a perforation. He shouldn’t be dealing with any more issues when he eats.

Little People Big World: Matt Roloff - Caryn ChandlerLittle People Big World: Matt Roloff - Caryn Chandler
Matt Roloff & Caryn Chandler | TLC

The Little People, Big World cast member also finds out that he has a lot of damage from acid reflux. Amy’s ex-husband even finds out surprising information. The doctors tell him that his esophagus is average size. So, it is longer than what his body can handle, and that pushes it to the side. It is also causing all the issues he is having.

Little People Big World: Amy RoloffLittle People Big World: Amy Roloff
Little People, Big World’s Amy Roloff | TLC

Amy Feels Little People, Big World Celeb Calls Wolf

Amy Roloff is no stranger to dealing with Matt Roloff’s health issues. Matt’s fiance, Caryn Chandler, tells his ex-wife about the medical emergency. But she doesn’t seem to care. Amy tells her that she has heard his story so many times. She also says that he has “cried wolf so many times.” So, when something actually happens, she feels “it’s about time.” She doesn’t get too shook up.

Amy clarifies that when the Little People, Big World cast member would cry wolf, she doesn’t mean nothing was going on. However, she feels that just because you stub your toe doesn’t mean “you’re losing your leg.” So, when she finds out something is wrong with him, she isn’t going to run.

But Amy also knows that she and Matt are entering the “season of life” when some of those health scares can be more serious. She doesn’t think he cries wolf as much anymore, and she feels that these health issues are now more real.

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