Zach Roloff from Little People, Big World disappoints Matt Roloff by not attending Amy Roloff‘s charity event. Could he be a no-show because the event is taking place at the farm?

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff Questions Zach Roloff’s Absence

Amy Roloff is hosting a charity fundraiser at the farm. She is supporting the Dwarf Athletic Association of America. She has been a part of this charity for many years. Her son, Zach Roloff, grew up playing sports with the organization. So, she invited him and his family to attend the event. But it seems like they are a no-show.

Matt Roloff asks the Little People, Big World cast member if she has heard back from Zach and Tori about coming to the event. She tells her ex-husband that she heard that they had other plans for the weekend.

However, Matt feels that their plan was to make other plans so they wouldn’t have to come. He thinks that they made sure that they had a good alibi. Yet, Amy doesn’t know. She just knows that they won’t be attending.

Zach Disappoints Matt for Not Showing up to Event

Matt thinks Zach should be at the event to support Amy and the organization. He thinks it’s funny that Jackson and Lilah were running around at the convention last year and then for them not to support the organization at the fundraiser event.

Little People Big World: Matt RoloffLittle People Big World: Matt Roloff
Little People, Big World | TLC

The Little People, Big World castmate finds it disappointing that he won’t see them support Amy’s event. However, she knows she can’t “get stuck on that.”

Matt is disappointed. He thought that at least Zach would come down with Jackson. However, he doesn’t get mad about that kind of type. He explains that his son and his family are going to be away. He thinks that everyone gets to set their own priorities in life. And they made the decision to skip out on the event.

Little People Big World: Matt RoloffLittle People Big World: Matt Roloff
Matt Roloff | TLC

Little People, Big World Celeb Thinks Son Should Be There

Matt Roloff is sad for Amy Roloff for not having her son show his support. This is something she came up with. He feels he is used to having space between him and Zach Roloff. However, he thinks his son and his family could have benefited from attending. So, for them to have a different priority, that’s their choice, and he isn’t going to cry over it. He feels everyone has to make their own decision.

The Little People, Big World celeb feels that it would have been fine if it were any other event. But this event involves something that is “so near and dear to them.” So, Matt finds it hard to understand why they would want to miss it.

Amy knows Zach does a lot for the organization. So, she feels it would have been great for him to come. But they’re not, and she is going to move on.

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