Microsoft and Tripadvisor on what OpenAI’s DevDay product announcements mean for travel

Microsoft and Tripadvisor on what OpenAI’s DevDay product announcements mean for travel

OpenAI has generated quite a bit of buzz this week since announcing several updates and new tools at its first developer conference on Monday.

OpenAI DevDay brought news of GPTs – customized versions of ChatGPT that anyone can create and keep private or share publicly in a soon-to-launch “GPT Store” – and the Assistants API to help developers build autonomous agents that can follow
specific instructions and can be created without the need to write code.

The company is also launching a new model, GPT-4, that has knowledge of world events up to April 2023 and has multimodal capabilities.

Clearly, the pace of
excitement – and development – since ChatGPT first emerged nearly a year ago is not going to slow down.

“This is a pretty big moment,” said Rahul Todkar, vice president and head of data at Tripadvisor.

“I look at OpenAI’s announcements really bending the innovation curve for the [artificial intelligence] industry as a whole … and it can have a profound effect on the travel industry as well.”

made that comment during a PhocusWire LinkedIn Audio event Tuesday, “Let’s Hear It! Updates from OpenAI DevDay and the latest on generative AI for travel.

Joining Todkar for the discussion was Microsoft regional vice president of advertising
Pablo Laucirica, who spoke about how OpenAI’s technology is being embedded across the Microsoft product ecosystem and how it is changing search.

“We’re seeing a big shift,” Laucirica said.

“If you think about a year ago, the traditional
search experience is you were typing a query and you were getting tons of links. … Now we are shifting from searching to finding.”

Todkar and Laucirica also discuss what these developments mean for travel brands, why plugins are likely going
to disappear and their predictions for what could develop in 2024 related to generative AI for travel.

Listen to the full discussion below.

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