For years brands in travel and other e-commerce verticals
have used session replay software to understand how people are using their
websites and apps. The software records actions, such as keystrokes, clicks and
pages viewed, with the intention of helping brands identify opportunities for

Now Quantum Metric, a provider of session replay solutions
that works with travel brands including Virgin Atlantic, Wyndham Hotels &
Resorts, Rail Europe and Emirates, is launching a new generative artificial
intelligence-powered session summarization tool.

Known as Felix AI, the technology is powered by Google Cloud’s
Gemini Pro.

“In the past, our focus was transactional. How do we help
the customer to make a purchase, book a flight or open an account,” said Mario
Ciabarra, CEO and founder of Quantum Metric.

The relationships we build with customers today is much more complex and spans
an entire lifecycle. To succeed, digital organizations need tools like Felix AI
to simplify how they listen to their customers, and tools like Interactions and
User Analytics to listen at scale and across their entire customer lifecycle.
This is the beginning of a new generation of digital analytics tools and we
can’t wait to see what our digital organizations can do to further the
standards for a great digital customer experience.”

Quantum Metric said that in 2023 its customers spent more than
320,000 hours reviewing session data, whereas the Felix AI tool can summarize a
session in seconds. Users can also get a deeper understand of an individual
experience by asking clarifying questions, for example to ask what campaign a
customer came from.

“We are very excited about the launch of Felix AI,
harnessing the power of Google Gemini to provide clarity to the areas of the
digital experience that have the greatest impact,” said Paul Tepfenhart, global
director of retail industries at Google Cloud.

“Quantum Metric has built a Gen AI-powered product that
takes their deep customer-centric data set and helps their customers accelerate
their AI strategy. In the hands of digital leaders, Felix AI enables customers
to transform the way teams analyze and empathize with the customer opportunities.”

replay strategies have come under fire in recent years, with brands such as
Spirit and Carnival
being the subject of lawsuits about whether their customer listening efforts
are violations of privacy.

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