• The live-action
    One-Punch Man
    script is getting rewritten by
    Rick and Morty
    creatives Dan Harmon and Heather Anne Campbell.
  • The writers chosen for the adaptation have strong comedy backgrounds, which could match the original manga’s style.
  • Uncertainty surrounds the release date of the movie, but there’s potential for success if it remains true to source material.


One-Punch Man‘s live-action adaptation has received a new update, revealing the script is getting a rewrite from the creator of Rick and Morty, alongside a writer from the animated comedy. The original manga created by One is a superhero comedy series about Saitama, a man who can defeat his enemies with a single punch. It was adapted into an anime beginning in 2015, with season 3 also confirmed. An American film adaptation was also revealed in 2020, though little has been revealed since its announcement.

Now, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed the live-action One-Punch Man movie is getting a rewrite from Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon and fellow writer on the animated comedy Heather Anne Campbell. Harmon and Campbell replace Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner, who were announced to be writing the film in 2020. The two comedy writers now in charge are a reflection of what to expect from the upcoming adaptation.

Would One-Punch Man Be A Good Live-Action Movie?

One-Punch Man's Saitama in front of monsters he killed.

The two writers in charge have a history with comedy that make them strong choices to be in charge of the One-Punch Man movie. Beyond his work on his current show, Harmon has created other comedic series like Community, HarmonQuest, and Krapopolis. Campbell was a writer for The Eric Andre Show and the sitcom Corporate, where she briefly appeared as a character. Due to the pair’s extensive work in comedy, it makes sense why they would be chosen to bring the manga to life in a new format.

The news follows a trailer in February for One-Punch Man season 3. Both pieces of news are indicative of how much the series has been growing as of late, and how it will continue to maintain traction in the public eye for the future. However, given the number of superheroes featured in the comedy, coupled with massive action sequences, a live-action movie could be a downgrade compared to the manga. The film will also undoubtedly be compared to the anime, whose strong writing and flashy animation make it difficult to measure up to.

One-Punch Man
season 3 is being produced by J.C. Staff.

However, Netflix has proven with their adaptation of One Piece that anime and manga can be translated into live-action when done properly. This means One-Punch Man‘s writers could create a memorable movie if they stick to what makes the original so beloved. With Harmon and Campbell possibly also focused on Rick and Morty season 8, it’s unclear when the movie is going to come out. However, if they keep the spirit of the source material alive in their version, the movie could be a worthwhile companion to the manga and anime.

Source: THR

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