A travel writer, author, and professor of practice, Dr Himanshu Talwar met the esteemed Mr. E. Karin, State Counsellor of the Republic of Kazakhstan during his trip to Astana, Kazakhstan.

An impressive personality, Mr Karin introduced Dr Talwar to various aspects of political reforms, the new economic policy, and the emerging ideology of “Just Kazakhstan.”

Insights shared were revolving around the ongoing political reforms in the country, government’s commitment to enhancing transparency, accountability, and efficiency in governance. Mr Karin emphasised on the importance of these reforms in promoting democracy and fostering sustainable development in Kazakhstan.

Overall, Mr Karin a comprehensive overview of the new economic policy aimed at stimulating growth, attracting foreign investment, and creating opportunities for the country’s citizens. I was impressed by his vision for a robust and diversified economy, and i took the opportunity there and then to commend Kazakhstan’s efforts to achieve economic prosperity and social welfare for its people.

Mr. Karin introduced me to the concept of “Just Kazakhstan,” a new ideology that seeks to promote social justice, equality, and inclusivity in the country. I expressed his admiration for this progressive vision and underscored the importance of upholding human rights and promoting social cohesion in today’s globalized world.

Overall, the meeting with Mr. Karin was marked by a spirit of collaboration, mutual respect, and shared commitment to advancing the interests of both nations. I ensured him that I would be writing about the country more often and with the exchange of ideas on regular intervals, i am expecting that the bridge of closer cooperation and partnership between both our great nations – India and Kazakhstan will strengthen further with such collaborative efforts.

I personally thanked Mr Karin for sparing time and presented a copy of my book – A travelogue: The Journey of a Lost Soul, which he gladly received and conveyed his appreciation.

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