Roommates, the beef from the booth continues! It seems Quavo pulled up to the studio to respond to Chris Brown after all. Additionally, the Atlanta rapper tapped on his late nephew and fellow Migos groupmate, Takeoff, to seal the vocals. Even Offset seemingly weighed in within an hour of the diss track’s release.

If you’re just catching up, Huncho’s response comes after Breezy sent social media into a frenzy on Saturday (April 20) by releasing ‘Weakest Link.’

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What Huncho Said In His Clapback To Chris Brown

DJ Akademiks debuted the song during a livestream on Monday (April 22). While previewing the highly-anticipated response diss, AK revealed the song is ‘Over Ho*s & B*tches.’

Quavo then confirmed the release by posting a streaming link on X. The cover art to the explicit song is a play on an existing photo that shows Chris Brown seemingly choking a woman. But in Quavo’s cartoon version of the image, he’s seen choking Chris in place of the woman.

Meanwhile, in 2:22 minutes, Quavo wasted no time shading Chris Brown and responding to some of his ‘Weakest Link’ allegations.

He responded to Brown saying he wanted to “break” his face at a fashion show in January. Huncho also repeatedly called Breezy a drug user by referring to him as a “junkie” and “cr**khead Michael Jackson.” Additionally, Quavo suggested that Chris is going out “sad” over his ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran.

“P*ssy n***a, pull up, crash out about your bae. Lil’ b***h come dance battle with my drake, you been f**ked you bag up when you punched Rih in the face / Talking ’bout fashion week, you sparing who, come punch me in my face/ It ain’t nothing but a fade.”

Quavo also warned Chris that a “bullet got [his] name” and told him never to “bring up Take.”

Listen to a snippet of what Quavo released below. 

Starting at 0:30, an unreleased audio of Takeoff rapping is heard. It’s unclear if the vocals are AI-generated or something Takeoff had in the vault before his passing. Either way, the song also features ad-libs by Take — a musical tip for which the rapper was widely known!

At the 1:03 mark, Quavo took over the raps again, suggesting that Chris Brown wants to “die about some cooch*e” while still being “f**ked up ’bout Karrueche.”

“You tried to beat up Teyana, but Usher wouldn’t let you do it. The cocaine got him your honor, bipolar disorder no wonder. You was the greatest, n***a you fumbled. Going out said, I’m watching you crumble. Why they got Quavo out here going back and forth with a singer that turned to a junkie.”

Qua challenged Chris Brown’s street cred as the track continues, saying he’s never been “in the trenches.”

“Who gassed you up to put that out? Yeah, that was sh***y n***a,” Huncho rapped, dissing ‘Weakest Link.’ “I can take a model b***h and make her Saweetie n***a. Cr**khead Michael Jackson b***h you better beat it n***a.”

He added that he still wants “who did it,” meaning the person who caused Takeoff’s death in November 2022.

Offset Seemingly Shows Support For Huncho

Offset seemingly entered the public beef as the innanet started eating up Quavo’s diss track (and sharing mixed reactions). The Migos rapper shared a photo of an American money bill featuring an image of Michael Jackson.

Offset didn’t share any additional words, but as mentioned, his longtime friend and award-winning collaborator called Breezy a “crackhead Michael Jackson.”

See his post below.

What’s Going On With Chris Brown & Quavo?

At this point, both entertainers are two for two. Chris kicked off the musical responses with the release of ‘Freaky’ earlier this month. Though he didn’t name-drop Quavo then, he seemed to present a double entendre in the song referencing the Migos rapper’s stage name. Less than 48 hours later, Quavo hopped in the booth and released ‘Tender.’

Chris got right to it with a clapback a week later, dropping ‘Weakest Link’ and putting an @ on it! In two-and-a-half minutes, Chris challenged the Atlanta rapper to test his gangsta, alleged he slept with his ex-girlfriend Saweetie, and implied everyone wanted Quavo to die instead of Takeoff. Quavo’s first response to Chris came via a meme of Young Thug.

Within an hour of ‘Over Ho*s & B****es’ being live, Breezy trolled the diss track on social media.

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