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Image Credit: Nadia Lee Cohen/Interview Magazine

Rihannas latest Interview Magazine cover is the talk of the town. The 36-year-old recently sat down for a conversation and a photo shoot with the outlet, and the images featured unique fashion choices. In the cover shot, RiRi is dressed as a sultry nun with rouge lipstick, extensive blue eyeshadow and a plunging V-neck.

Other snapshots from the photo shoot included one of her in a blonde wig and another with a silver object covering her teeth.

Rihanna on the cover of Interview Magazine spring 2024 issue
Nadia Lee Cohen/Interview Magazine

Some social media users have been critical over the imagery, with many calling out the magazine’s snapshots of the “Umbrella” artist “provocative” and “unholy,” according to multiple X users (formerly known as Twitter). Nevertheless, Rihanna didn’t shy away from embracing the artistic digital cover.

“You have a kid and you’re flashing your tiddies dressed as a nun for money!? Disgusting,” one social media user tweeted. “Venting session… is it just me or Rihanna’s cover of her dressed as a nun is so distasteful or imi who’s overthinking?” another weighed in.

During her interview, the “Diamonds” hitmaker discussed her family life with A$AP Rocky and their two sons, RZA and Riot. She even revealed that RZA’s first word was “Hey” and explained where he picked it up from.

Rihanna posing for Interview Magazine
Nadia Lee Cohen/Interview Magazine

“I used to try to get his attention all the time, and I would say, ‘Hey, hey, hey,’” she said. “And one day he said it back to me in the same melody and I kept singing it and he kept following it over and over again.”

When it comes to raising her two boys, Rihanna described how she typically spends time “getting the kids dressed to death,” asking herself “What’s the most comfortable outfit to wear around them? What’s not going to feel uncomfortable on their face or on their body or make me feel like I can’t hold them properly?”

Rihanna on the cover of Interview Magazine April 2024
Nadia Lee Cohen/Interview Magazine

“Moms are lazy dressers in real life,” she added, while pointing out that she has “racks” and “bags” of different-sized clothes for her sons.

Upon pointing to “Riot’s rag” and “RZA’s pacifier,” Rihanna explained that she keeps “a rag or a pair of socks or a pacifier, something from them” whenever she moves and travels.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky, 35, welcomed their first child, RZA, in May 2022. The following year, they welcomed Riot in August 2023.

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