Rohit Purohit Reveals Rajan Shahi Issued Non-Dating Policy After Shehzada-Pratiksha Honmukhe Fiasco

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is one of the longest-running serials in India, with over four thousand episodes on air. The drama’s ever-engaging plotline has kept viewers hooked, so much so that even after ten years of its course, the serial enjoys excellent TRP. Recently, the serial had a major blowout when two of its leads, Shehzada Dhami and Pratiksha Honmukhe, were fired within fifteen minutes by the producer, Rajan Shahi. Now, the show’s new lead, Rohit Purohit, revealed that the makers changed the contract policies after the incident.

Rohit Purohit divulged the new no-dating policies of Rajan Shahi’s production house, DKP

Rajan Shahi’s production house DKP, aka Directors Kut Production, has recently introduced some new policies in their contract for their actors. In an interview with Telly Talk, the show’s new lead, Rohit Purohit, was asked if there is any truth in the rumours that actors now have to sign a no-dating clause before coming on board with DKP. Rohit surprised everyone by saying that the rumour was absolutely true, and even he had to sign the contract stating the no-dating policy clause before joining YRKKH.

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Netizens poke fun that Rohit Purohit was hired for the role only because he is married

An excerpt of the video was shared on Twitter, and netizens flooded the comment section poking fun at the new policy. While some supported the clause, stating that professionalism is a must in every field, others said that Rohit’s wife must be the happiest with the clause. Another user wrote that Rohit’s marital status is the main reason for which he was hired. For the unversed, Rohit is married to actress Sheena Bajaj. 

Shehzada Dhami and Pratiksha Honmukhe were in a romantic relationship, which hindered shooting 

DKP production house issued an official statement declaring that Shehzada Dhami and Pratiksha Honmukhe were fired from the show due to unprofessional behaviour. Soon, several cast members revealed that the duo was dating and would spend a lot of time in their vanity chit-chatting with each other. This repeated cycle would hinder the shoot, which is one reason why the duo got fired.

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The actual incident that led to the termination of Shehzada Dhami and Pratiksha Honmukhe 

It so happened that a hospital scene was going on when Pratiksha started laughing at it, so the assistant director asked her not to as it was causing difficulties in the shoot. Pratiksha got miffed by this, left the set to go to her makeup room, and was soon joined by her rumoured beau, Shehzada Dhami. The duo then refused to shoot until the assistant director was fired. They even added that they would resume work only after the staff was fired from the set.

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