Trista Sutter Breaks Silence About Her Absence and Reunites With Husband Ryan and Kids

Ryan Sutter is doing his best to focus on what really matters. 

Two weeks after sharing concerning posts about wife Trista Sutter‘s mysterious absence, the Bachelor Nation star got candid about his desire “to do and to be good” in a lengthy message.

“We make decisions not knowing the outcome but hoping we’re on the right path,” Ryan wrote in a May 29 Instagram post alongside a photo of the pair. “Hoping the questions will be answered in time. We try to be a positive example, to care, to trust the process and to believe others will trust our intent is not malicious or misguided or mean.”

And doing his best isn’t the 49-year-old’s only goal. Ryan—who shares kids Maxwell, 16, and Blakesley, 15, with Trista—went on to stress the importance of living “towards a purpose,” urging others to “build meaningful relationships and experiences and to contribute to a common good.”

“Sometimes we land in just the right spot,” he continued. “Sometimes there are moments, moments like this one, in which we get a glimpse of just how beautiful life can be—how beautiful it is when we take time to appreciate the places and the people in them. To appreciate what and who we love most.”

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