Saweetie has been making rounds to promote her hot new single, ‘NANI.’ While celebrating the new record, the Icy Girl recalled some of the hard times she experienced before achieving fame.

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Saweetie Remembers Humble Beginnings

In a new interview with Power 106 in Los Angeles, the ‘Best Friend’ hitmaker recalls being broke and without a place to live. The ‘My Type’ rapper also revealed that she was actually “couch surfing” shortly after graduating college.

“I remember I was too like proud to tell like my friends and my family that I had no where to stay. And I was literally like couch surfing, but it was cool because people always wanted me around. I didn’t have to worry about having a place to stay. My homegirls knew what was going on but I never wanted to take up space in someone’s house. So I would keep my closet in my car,” Saweetie said.

Saweetie also stated that she had no confidence and felt terrible about partying with her friends. However, she eventually gave herself a deadline to achieve her dreams.

“I could either get a job, but as a graduate, most of us are looking for full-time jobs. But if I’m full-time I’m working 40 hours a week and if I’m doing 40 hours a week that’s the same thing as going to school, so if I’m doing that I’m not doing music. So I just had to give myself a deadline,” she explained.

Singer Drops Summer Bop For The Gworls

Saweetie’s walk down memory lane comes on the heels of the release of her new song, ‘NANI.’ After teasing it on Instagram for a month, she officially dropped the single and music video on Friday (May 17).

Saweetie initially introduced ‘NANI’ to her fans through an Instagram Reel, which sees her strutting poolside in a matching denim outfit and strappy heels.

‘NANI’ is undoubtedly an anthem for the gworls as it’s sure to get them on the dance floor. The music video sees Saweetie chilling poolside and later taking over a party with her homegirls.

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