Michael Polansky and Lady Gaga

Michael Polansky is an entrepreneur who’s been dating Lady Gaga since 2020. Check out photos of the couple here!

Lady Gaga has been one of the biggest musical artists for over a decade. After making her debut with The Fame, she’s regularly outdone herself to release hit album after hit album. From sold-out concerts to chart-topping classics, Gaga has been one of the most famous stars in the music business.

In 2020, she started dating entrepreneur Michael Polansky, and the pair’s relationship seems to have only gotten better as it’s gone on. While Gaga has continued to make hit songs and expand her career into acting, she’s had Michael by her side for the past several years and counting.  The couple are clearly head over heels for each other, and while they seem to keep their relationship mostly out of the spotlight, she has occasionally shared glimpses at their love for one another in interviews and on social media.

Scroll through our gallery to see more photos of Gaga and Michael!

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