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It happens more often than we’d like to admit. We leave the house looking like a whole snack: full face of makeup, gorgeous outfit, perfect hair…and no sunscreen. We’re going to keep reminding you not to forget it at every opportunity, but let’s face it. You’re going to forget it at some point. That’s why you should have a sunscreen that’s not only easy to toss in a bag, but one that’s fun to use, too.

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Sunscreen is super important, which you probably already knew. You should be putting it on every day, especially your face, if you want the most effective protection against aging and other damage from the sun. But so many sunscreens can feel thick, gloopy, and leave a white cast on your skin. They’re oily, uncomfortable, and […]

Kopari Beauty’s Sun Shield On-The-Glow Sheer Stick Sunscreen SPF 40 fits the bill nicely. This twist-up sunscreen is a stick that glides on when and where you need it. It leaves a sparkly trail of moisturized, protected skin that glows in the sun. It’s 40 minute sweat and water resistant, and comes in a package that can fit right into your bag. So if you leave home and forget to put any sunscreen on, you can just roll this on and be confident when you have to stay out in the sun.

Get the Sun Shield On-The-Glow Sheer Stick Sunscreen SPF 40 for just $29 at Kopari!

The sunscreen has actives and ingredients like bisabolol, ginger root extract, Vitamin E, and ethically-sourced mica to give you the most radiant glow possible. All that packed into one useful little stick, all ready to go! Kopari couldn’t have made it easier for you to apply. Plus, it smells great.

Get the Sun Shield On-The-Glow Sheer Stick Sunscreen SPF 40 for just $29 at Kopari!

So before you leave the house, even if you don’t remember to put it on, at the very least keep this sunscreen in your bag so you can do it when you have a moment. Don’t worry, the shimmer effect will get you to get back into the swing of things so it’ll be like second nature. And you’ll be glittering and glowing in the sun.

Get the Sun Shield On-The-Glow Sheer Stick Sunscreen SPF 40 for just $29 at Kopari!

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