Showtime’s streaming app is chucking the deuces to its subscribers as the platform is slated to shut down in April.

According to Variety, subscribers learned the network was shutting down the app through a notice.

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When Will The Showtime App Officially End?

The streaming service premiered in July 2015 and after roughly nine years, the platform is calling it quits. The premium network will officially end its standalone service on April 30. According to the notice on the website, “Current Showtime streaming subscribers will continue to have access to the Showtime streaming service until it is shut down on April 30, 2024.”

Paramount’s Global, the network’s parent company, originally planned to phase out the network’s solo streaming app at the end of last year.

The shutdown follows the integration of Paramount+ with Showtime. The union debuted in the summer of 2023, including an ad-free package for $11.99. Showtime’s standalone service was $2 less at $9.99.

@mannysolo quipped, “I was about to be fake mad but I don’t even have Showtime…”

Some Roomies weren’t too concerned with the app shutting down.

“Just as long as it ain’t STARZ,” @_joooo wrote.

Several Roommates were worried about how they would watch the show by producer and writer Lena Waithe, The Chi.

@jalonclarkk asked, “what’s happening with the Chi?” 

@loammirichardson added, “So the chi gonna release their final episodes now?”

Roommate, @tyronda0414, understood the integration of the networks, writing, “makes sense they would merge with Paramount.” 

@iamkingtyree agreed, writing, “best idea of the year.”

The company took notes from Warner Bros.’s Discovery strategy, which combined HBO and Max. After HBO Max hit the scene, the HBO Go and HBO Now apps were axed.

If you’re a Showtime subbie and want to continue viewing your shows, gon’ make that switch!

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