• Shrinking
    season 2 will delve into darker storylines following a shocking season 1 finale involving Jimmy’s patient Grace.
  • Derek, played by Ted McGinley, will have a more substantial role and bring his comedic charm to the new season.
  • McGinley’s enthusiasm for the show mirrors Derek’s positive energy, promising compelling and funny moments in the upcoming episodes.


Shrinking star Ted McGinley teases what to expect in season 2 of the popular Apple TV+ comedy show, along with providing an exciting filming update. McGinley plays Derek, the always upbeat, supportive, and enthusiastic husband of Liz (Christa Miller). Season 1 spent more time developing Liz and exploring her insecurities and her relationships, than it did on Derek, who mostly served a purely comedic purpose. Derek and Liz are the neighbors of grieving therapist Jimmy Laird (Jason Segel) and helped raise his teenage daughter Alice (Lukita Maxwell) after the death of Jimmy’s wife and Alice’s mother, Tia (Lilan Bowden).

In an interview with MovieWeb, McGinley reveals which episode of season 2 is currently being filmed and hints that Derek will have a more substantial role in the new season. He also expresses the joy and enthusiasm he feels at bringing Shrinking to life, an attitude that feels consistent with Derek’s generally positive energy. Read McGinley’s comments below:

Well, so we’re right now [shooting] in the fifth show, and of course, I can’t tell you anything, but [my character] Derek is going to have a little more to do. It’s going to be fun… funny. There are a lot of crazy storylines, and I think it’ll be compelling television. I will say going to work every day is just an absolute pleasure. I can’t wait to go to the set. You don’t get that every day on different shows, even though I’m really good at that. I will always find a reason to enjoy a job and a certain group of people within that space.

What To Expect From Shrinking’s Crazy Season 2 Storylines

The “crazy storylines” McGinley teases make sense given Shrinking season 1’s ending. Despite being a comedy with an often lighthearted tone, the season 1 finale ended on a shockingly dark note as Jimmy’s patient Grace (Heidi Gardner) pushes her abusive husband Donny (Tilky Jones) off a cliff, a decision rooted in advice Jimmy gave to her during one of their sessions. Jimmy’s mentor and colleague, Dr. Paul Rhoades (Harrison Ford), continually warns Jimmy against his exceedingly unconventional approach to treating his patients, but there never seemed to be any real consequences, and Jimmy’s approach ultimately helped most of his patients.

Shrinking season 2’s story will have to explore the fallout of Grace’s action, and may force Jimmy to reevaluate the unorthodox therapeutic methods that rejuvenated his personal and professional lives. The complexity of this fallout and its impact on him may interfere with the enormous progress he made with his own grief and his relationships with his friends, family, and colleagues. This could cause the season to go in a somewhat darker direction, although McGinley’s comments confirm that the comedy will continue to “be fun…funny” in the upcoming episodes.


What That Death Means For Jimmy In Shrinking Season 2

The Shrinking season 1 finale on Apple TV+ featured a shocking twist ending that could have a big impact on Jimmy and his career in season 2.

Ensuring that “Derek is going to have a little more to do” is also a good sign, as McGinley was Shrinking‘s secret star in season 1. He stole the show in nearly every scene he was in and helped to keep Liz and other characters grounded when they began to spiral, often while providing some of the best laughs in the episode. With Derek now retired, he can have more of a consistent presence in the series and become more involved in the humorous situations that Jimmy, Liz, and the others get involved in as Shrinking continues.

Shrinking season 1 is streaming on Apple TV+.

Source: MovieWeb

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Shrinking is a comedy/drama series on Apple TV+ that stars Jason Segel as Jimmy Johns, a therapist currently grieving over the loss of his wife while juggling the responsibilities of being a therapist, a father, and more. During his own process, Jimmy begins to breach the code of ethics of his profession by trying to help others by telling them exactly what he thinks about their situation. With an admirable goal in mind that may have unforeseen consequences, Jimmy begins to change the lives of his patients – and his own.

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