Sierra Gates has shared a major health update days after revealing her massive leg tattoo.

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Sierra Gates Reveals Her Hospitalization

On Sunday, April 15, Gates took to her Instagram Story to let fans know she was “officially admitted into the hospital.”

“I love you guys so much,” she explained. “And I just want to say, again, if you are going to do ‘Monster Numb‘ tattoos, do not get it crazy big like I did. Because when it numbs off, you’re gonna be in crazy pain and when you’re getting it done, you’re gonna be so numb, you don’t feel nothing. Nothing. But if you are a person that can take pain, I would say to still get it… but just be mindful that when the numbing cream wears off you’re gonna start feeling it — yeah.”

Gates went on to explain that her tattoo is large and runs from the top of her stomach to the end of her leg. In a follow-up post, Gates explained that she will be in the hospital for the next five to seven days and even has to learn how to walk again.

Swipe to see Gates’ post and video of her leg tattoo.


Social Media Reacts

As The Shade Room previously reported, Gates revealed her massive tattoo late last week. At the time, she even remarked about wanting to go to the hospital as the numbing cream was wearing off.

Now, social media users are reacting to Gate’s health update in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @chanell_cake wrote,Ok but what is the diagnosis?…”

While Instagram user @call_me_dimples added, Have to learn to walk again is extreme…”

Instagram user @iamprettycee_ wrote, I thought you supposed to break it up into sessions?”

While Instagram user @miss__posh added, Why would she get that done all at once? 😩”

Instagram user @elke wrote, In one sitting??? Why?? 5 hrs is my max… your body goes into shock.. also, to much numbing cream is bad… goes into your blood stream…”

While Instagram user @timaisadiva added,All that ink at one time is not good.”

The ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Returned To Social Media With More Info About Her Experience

On Monday, April 15, Gates returned to her Instagram Story and shared additional words about her experience.

“I couldn’t walk on my leg for the last 3 days, I went to the hospital, I thought it was sweet,” she wrote. “Last night when I got to the hospital they gave me them pain meds but when them test results came back and meds wore off & I couldn’t walk at all…”

Gates explained that she plans to come back “better than ever” and then clarified that her tattoo artist urged her not to get such a huge leg tattoo. However, she thought she was “good.”

Ultimately, Gates shared that she’ll only get small tattoos from here on out.

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