Sister Wives star Christine Brown has been walking on clouds since falling in love with David Woolley, but today she knows the feeling of being trapped. Plus, this celebrity from the TLC series says her husband taunts her about this.

Sounds terrible? Not really when you put it all in context. Yes, she’s feeling trapped, and her husband is taunting her, but that is the price you pay for being chauffeured around.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Puts One Foot in Front of the Other

Christine Brown is known for her “Car Confessions.” She either makes these confessions while driving around or sits in her car alone to confess something. But it’s all aimed at the Sister Wives fans to keep them in the loop.

Usually, these confessions have a comical flare about them. Today, Christine and her large family deal with the aftermath of Garrison Brown’s death. So, getting back to the daily grind isn’t easy. But she’s trying.

Sister Wives: Christine BrownSister Wives: Christine Brown
Sister Wives | Instagram

In another recent video, this Sister Wives’ mom of six said she doesn’t want to get out of bed in the morning. Her despair is overwhelming. She also defends herself after some fans think she posted online so soon after Garrisons’s passing.

She explained she has to work to keep herself moving forward, and social media is part of her work. Fans flocked to her comment section and agreed wholeheartedly with her.

Then, a few days later, she posted the confession post about her husband, David Woolley. And fans were thrilled to see it.

Christine Makes First Public Gripe About Her Husband

Christine takes to the camera and shares, what is likely, her first public gripe about her new husband. Sister Wives fans commented that she looked tired, which you might expect after a family tragedy of such magnitude.

But what Christine says next, seems to demonstrate how this Sister Wives mom of six is fighting to get back after such a huge derailment. Despite looking a little worn down, the traditional Christine Brown, who fans love, did her thing.

In the quiet solitude of her automobile, she starts by explaining to her Sister Wives‘ followers how her husband David backs her car into the garage. She likes this, it makes it easier for her to drive out of the garage the next time she leaves. But his parking job also rattles this newlywed wife.

Sister Wives: Christine Feels Trapped by David Woolley

When David chauffeurs his wife, she sits in the passenger seat. So, he backs into the garage all right, but he gets the passenger side of the car way too close to the garage wall. So, Christine Brown says she feels trapped.

Then, to add insult to injury, he laughs about it and taunts her a bit. So, this Sister Wives’ bride feels trapped by David, but only when it comes to his parking job.

Sister Wives: David Woolley - Christine-Brown -WooleySister Wives: David Woolley - Christine-Brown -Wooley
Sister Wives | Instagram

Christine Brown can take the most mundane things in life and make them interesting. This is just one example of how she puts a twist on the daily task of parking your car.

But from her own words in her post, this Sister Wives celebrity feels trapped, and her husband taunts her about that. But in all reality, David playfully jokes with his wife when he parks too close to the garage wall for Christine to exit the vehicle.

So, this famous face from the TLC reality series manages to give her fans a smile with her latest Car Confession offering. But, most of all, it looks like that armor still shines when Christine Brown glances at her husband.

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