Sister Wives star Janelle Brown had some great expectations, but when a couple of unscrupulous questions about her TLC series landed on her lap, it hit her hard.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown, False Sense of Security?

Janelle Brown is often considered the voice of reason among the five spouses who once made up this famous polygamous marriage. But reaching way back to when the Sister Wives series first came up, Janelle Brown envisioned it one way.

Before the Sister Wives series rolled out, there was a promotional tour. Kody Brown and his four wives packed their bags and headed to some of the nation’s big cities to entice potential viewers to the series debut.

Janelle had visions dancing in her head of the Duggar family in their reality show, 19 Kids and Counting. While the Duggar brood got the fans’ attention with cute things related to the kids, it wasn’t the same for the Sister Wives series.

Any resemblance to the cuteness of the Duggars around the Sister Wives series faded fast for Janelle. As folks tuning in headed in a different direction.

Instead of demonstrating interest in their loving family, The viewers wanted to know the intimate details of a man bedding down four wives.

Janelle Stunned at the Gall

This mortified Janelle Brown, she never imagined people could have such gall to ask some of the questions asked during the Sister Wives’ promotional tour when the series first launched.

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