Sister Wives star Janelle Brown recently made a mistake when sending a personal message to her daughter, and today she’s owning up to it. That is, with a little help from another star from the TLC series.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Navigates a New Normal Today

It’s been a month since Janelle Brown’s tragic loss of a son, Garrison Brown. So, it looks like she’s surrounding herself with family today. She recently posted pictures of beach outings with her grandkids in North Carolina.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Robert Garrison BrownSister Wives: Janelle Brown - Robert Garrison Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

That’s where the Sister Wives celeb’s daughter lives with her three kids and husband. So, Maddie Brown Brush and her family get Grandma Janelle all to themselves, and it looks like they are having fun.

From the way it sounds, the Sister Wives’ grandmother was babysitting the kids on Friday when she sent a message to Maddie. Her daughter got the message, but so did other people as well.

Janelle Sends Her Daughter a Message But… Oops

The funny thing about Janelle Brown’s message is that it probably doesn’t matter that others received it. It was pretty mundane as far as the Sister Wives clan goes.

But besides notifying Maddie about something, it unintentionally offered up info about two of the Sister Wives ladies. Fans learn that Janelle and Christine Brown still enjoy the finer things in dining. After the amount of weight these ladies dropped, you might think they always eat healthy.

But the results of the wires getting crossed on Janelle’s message suggest otherwise. Plus, this message also suggests that Janelle and Christine remain very close.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown is Quick on the Draw

Janelle Brown was out with her grandchildren and sent their mom, Maddie, a message. She told her daughter she intended to stop at McDonald’s for the kids to get ice cream.

She wanted to make sure it was okay with her daughter. Maddie wrote back that it was fine, but also informed her Sister Wives mother that she sent the message as a group message.

Sister Wives: Janelle BrownSister Wives: Janelle Brown
Sister Wives | Instagram

That became very clear to Janelle when Christine Brown also messaged her right back. Christine said she would love a hot fudge sundae. Then she said she had one of them the other night.

So, it sounds like both these ladies splurge during their weight loss journey. This message was sent to every member of their group. But once Maddie made her mom aware of this, Janelle was fine with that.

Christine and Janelle, Still Two Peas in a Pod…

It’s not known who else got this group message that Janelle sent. But Christine was quick to reply. So, that suggests she’s monitoring her messages in case Janelle pings her.

Janelle and Christine raised their kids together, and these two Sister Wives mothers were moms to each other’s children. So, at least they have each other today to lean on as they start the healing process from the tragic death.

But it doesn’t look like ice cream is off-limits for the diet these Sister Wives stars follow. Both ladies look spectacular today. So, when the new season of this TLC series rolls out, viewers of the show will see just how the diet they peddle to their fans worked for them.

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