Sister Wives star Janelle Brown‘s life has changed drastically over the last several weeks as the tragedy of losing a child becomes part of a parent’s fabric for life.

This mom from the TLC series has a few fans apologizing to her today for something they have no part in. But Janelle’s privacy was invaded, a deed that’s so horrendous, it appalled both supporters and critics alike.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Reached Out to Fans

Janelle Brown bravely took to social media the day she learned about her son, Garrison Brown, committing suicide and announced his death to fans. Garrison’s father and Janelle’s ex-husband, Kody Brown, did the same. They both requested privacy during this time of despair.

So the parents of Garrison Brown did more than what was expected by confirming his death so soon after finding out themselves. This possibly staved off rumors, which would likely follow unconfirmed reports. So, it looks as if they became proactive with the Sister Wives fans so things wouldn’t get crazy online.

Sister Wives: Janelle BrownSister Wives: Janelle Brown
Sister Wives |CBS

While one text message sent by Garrison to the crew of Sister Wives show seemed to raise red flags, this was the only one the public became aware of until now. Janelle said on the police report that she had been texting with Garrison.

When he abruptly stopped, she reached out to her kids in Flagstaff to check on him, which Gabriel Brown did, and the day unfolded in tragedy. But the content of the mom-son texts remained private. That is until today.

Texts Could Haunt Janelle Now

Somehow, the private texts between the famous Sister Wives mom and son got out. So, the final conversations between  Janelle and Garrison Brown were leaked.

They appear online today. And once you post something to the internet, it’s out there forever. So having these messages pop up in years to come would likely stab at a mother’s heart. This is one of the concerns fans brought up over these messages.

The texts show Garrison having a few members of his Sister Wives family expressing concerns about his behavior. He had called in sick that day from work, which he said during the back-and-forth messaging.

His brother Logan Brown also messaged him after Janelle contacted him. Logan and Janelle’s messages also appear in the texts online. But Garrison didn’t return his brother’s message.

So, there were a few messages between Garrison and a concerned Janelle. This caused many fans to become angry that her privacy was invaded.

Sister Wives: The Other Side of the Messages

Many fans considered Janelle Brown a victim of something awful when those texts appeared online. But others saw it differently. There was another camp of Sister Wives followers, who had a different take on this.

Some fans thought this might be unsettling for Janelle Brown. But others thought Janelle might look at these messages, which are no longer private today, as a way of helping others.

The red flags weaved into them were subtle. In one message to Janelle, Garrison said he gave his brother, Gabriel Brown, his “firing pistons” a while back.

He wrote that he knows “you guys are worried about my suicidal tendencies,” He followed through with, “But I have no firearms in the house”.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Robert Garrison BrownSister Wives: Janelle Brown - Robert Garrison Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

Garrison ended his life with a gun, despite denying access to one. So, this could help people out there when it comes to dealing with someone they love who struggles with depression and has thoughts of suicide.

Janelle’s messages to her son were kind, loving, and supportive. She even asked if he would like to come to her house, and she would send an Uber for him.

The outcome is tragic, and those messages give an insight into Garrison’s mindset after reassuring his mom not to worry. If Janelle thought these messages would help avoid this happening to just one other person, the mom from the TLC series might be okay with this. But it’s easy to see Janelle Brown’s fans are not happy about this.

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