Sister Wives star Meri Brown revealed that her honeymoon with Kody Brown, left her with a condition, and Jenn Sullivan had a field day after hearing this. This condition could be seriously debilitating at times for the TLC star.

But she lived with it all these years, probably because it’s fleeting. Today she knows the cause and learned about a quick treatment that should fix it.

But on her Friday with Friends show, Jenn asked a question about Kody’s part in this. And that question had the two best friends rolling in the aisle with laughter, with the fans also finding this hilariously funny.

Sister Wives: World According to Meri Brown & Jenn Sullivan

Meri Brown and Jenn Sullivan chat about many things during their live show with fans. But if you tune in, the one thing you can always count on is a good laugh.

Maybe “The World According to Jenn and Meri” would better describe their show. Their perspectives often offer a different take on things. But most of all, these two always conjure up a good laugh.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Jenn SullivanSister Wives: Meri Brown - Jenn Sullivan
Sister Wives | Instagram

Many Sister Wives fans make this show a Friday night online destination. While these two talk about nothing, fans still find them extremely entertaining.

But this week Meri revealed she suffers from bouts of dizziness and has for a long time. She said it started 34 years ago. Furthermore, the Sister Wives star was able to supply the exact date.

This confused Jenn Sullivan a bit at first, as that was many years ago to remember a date. But, then she learned the date and time Meri offered was during her honeymoon with Kody Brown. So, of course, she’d remember the date.

Started During Meri & Kody Brown’s Honeymoon?

Meri shared with Jenn Sullivan that these bouts of dizziness started during her honeymoon with Kody Brown. From what Jenn and Meri described, the Sister Wives celebrity becomes dizzy. Sometimes it gets to the point that she can’t stand up. Then it goes away.

They talked about the crystals in this Sister Wives star’s ear being out of alignment. This condition often causes vertigo, called BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo).

Sister Wives: Kody BrownSister Wives: Kody Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

According to the Mayo Clinic, “BPPV is caused by loose particles of calcium in the inner ear”. These particles are microscopic crystals that belong in the inner ear. They should be attached to one of the balance organs.

But with BPPV, “these particles drift into one of the balance canals, where they don’t belong.” So how do these crystals become dislodged? This condition usually develops after the ear becomes damaged. But there’s an easy fix, called the canalith repositioning procedure.

This non-evasive procedure only involves several simple head movements. When done by a healthcare provider, they can reposition these crystals into a place within the ear, where they won’t cause problems. This procedure usually works, according to reputable health websites.

Sister Wives: Jenn Runs With Meri – Kody Honeymoon

So, once the serious stuff is out of the way, the curious Jenn gets a laugh going. When Meri said it started during her honeymoon, Jenn pipes up and suggests that stress did it.

Through the laughter, Meri denied that, but Jenn was only beginning to crack the jokes about how Meri got the condition in the first place. That’s because she returned from her honeymoon suffering bouts of dizziness.

But now it looks like her crystals are loose and playing havoc on her center of gravity. So, still laughing, Jenn Sullivan asked Meri Brown about her honeymoon with Kody. More exactly, she wanted to know just what he put in her ear while on their honeymoon. And that did it.

Jenn didn’t have to say anymore or mention Kody Brown’s name again. Meri, and the fans who were watching this live, got it.

So, Jenn Sullivan’s joke painted quite the picture for the mind’s eye of how Meri Brown’s ear crystals became loose while on her honeymoon with Kody Brown, the patriarch of the TLC series.

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