Sister Wives, star Kody Brown just got knocked down a few notches, as the fame from the TLC series seems to shift drastically for the second time. Kody’s childhood friends once said he puts a lot of stock in being the center of attention.

Fans saw evidence of this numerous times throughout the many seasons of the reality show. But while Kody may want to remain the center of attention, it seems the forces work against him today.

Sister Wives Kody Takes Center Stage

The viewers learned early on that Kody Brown fancies himself quite the dancer. When Sister Wives filmed an event where dancing was part of it, the camera honed in on Kody.

But it wasn’t so much that the Sister Wives patriarch mastered the dance. That wasn’t what kept fans glued to the screen. No, the viewers couldn’t get over the crazy steps he concocted on the dance floor. He’d get going with his fast-paced footwork and then sweep the dance floor with these exaggerated movements.

Sister Wives: Kody BrownSister Wives: Kody Brown
Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Still, Kody made himself the center of attention. In the beginning, four adoring Sister Wives brides would watch and gush over how much fun he was having. One of his latest dancing videos was taken at a friend’s wedding, which he officiated. He was alone there, not even Robyn Brown went with him.

Kody’s Fancy Footwork Scary?

Kody Brown attended a wedding during the COVID shutdown. By doing this, he broke all his own rules about hunkering down in place. This caused friction to start between him and his sons.

Kody became adamant that Janelle Brown‘s sons move out or stay home and away from friends. Either that or he would not visit because this put him in danger of contracting COVID. Janelle was applauded nationwide by Sister Wives fans for choosing her kids.

But despite insisting his family not be around people, he took off to this wedding event, where he would be the center of attention while officiating the vows. Fans were outraged, and this move also infuriated a few of his Sister Wives’ brides and adult kids.

But after the marriage ceremony, he took over the dance floor. But he was in a place where not everyone knew him. Fans commented on how scared the women looked as he pranced around the floor trying to entice a dance partner.

Sister Wives: Who Gets Top Billing Today?

Kody Brown made a big deal out of being the family leader from day one of the Sister Wives series. He took top billing when he called the four ladies he married, his wives, as he seldom referred to himself as their husband.

Sister Wives: Kody BrownSister Wives: Kody Brown
Sister Wives | Google

But with all the turmoil in his once-big, happy Sister Wives family, it looks like even the artificial intelligence of a search engine today has his number. At one point several months ago if you Googled “Kody Brown” the search result described him as Christine Brown‘s ex-husband.

Now today he’s still an ex-husband when you search, but now he’s Janelle Brown’s ex-husband. At one time, Google described Kody Brown as a TV personality. But today it seems like he’s been demoted to a television personality who’s just an ex-husband of a couple of wives from the TLC series. Ouch…

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