Sister Wives star Kody Brown, married four women, with only one left when he returns to the screen for Season 19 of the TLC series.

One of the oddest things recently popped up in a photo about this man who once shared a different woman’s bed every fourth night. Now the fans of this reality series can’t seem to shake off what they see in this picture.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Influenced Early On?

Kody Brown’s choice of woman seems based on his childhood, suggests the Sister Wives fans. One of the commenters went as far as to say “Freud” would likely have something to say about this photo below.

There’s no mistaking Kody in this picture, he’s the kid to the far right. He still has that almost forced smile today that he does in that photo, or so say the Sister Wives fans.

Kody Brown, His Parents, and SiblingsKody Brown, His Parents, and Siblings
SW | Reddit

Sister Wives fans especially saw Meri Brown‘s doppelgänger in this photo, one fan thought this was photoshopped. It seems Meri Brown isn’t the only wife who bears a resemblance to one of Kody’s siblings.

Fans Have a Field Day with Kody’s Choices

Sister Wives fans also see a resemblance to Christine Brown and Janelle Brown among his family. One person jokingly said that Kody Brown divorced all his wives who looked like his sisters.

But he stayed with the one wife who resembled his mother. So, it seems they see Robyn Brown looking similar to his mom. Another thing fans pointed out is the uncanny resemblance that Kody’s kids have to his family.

Kody Brown, His Parents, and Siblings Photo CommentsKody Brown, His Parents, and Siblings Photo Comments
SW | Reddit

So the comments keep coming regarding the family that Kody Brown grew up with. When you look at Kody, who looks about 12 in the picture, you can see where several of his 15 biological kids got their looks.

Sister Wives: Sure, They Look Alike, But There’s More…

When Kody Brown took his four Sister Wives brides to meet his childhood friends, they filled in some of the mysteries about their shared husband. His friends told his wives that Kody needed to be the center of attention.

That is why when they all found out about his switch to polygamy, they understood. They felt that this lifestyle would feed his need for attention.

The Sister Wives ladies weren’t too happy to hear this, but they sat quietly and listened. Then this visit got a bit uncomfortable for Kody and his wives.

Kody’s childhood sweetheart spilled on some of his wooing antics as a teenager. She demonstrated how Kody would rub her upper arm and shoulder. In the video above, his teenage girlfriend showed his wives their shared husband’s moves from yesteryear.

But the main thing to come out of this visit was Kody Brown’s appetite to be seen and heard. So, when his childhood friends saw him on the TLC series, they were surprised, but not overly so.

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