Sister Wives star Meri Brown sure looks like she’s making up for lost time today as the ex-wife from the TLC series takes control of the camera.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Let Kody Brown Lead

Meri Brown followed Kody Brown‘s lead for years as the Sister Wives series graced the screen. Kody once said that he leads and even if his wives did not agree with his direction, they were expected to follow him just the same.

Meri seemed content with the Sister Wives patriarch having the last word, as did his other wives for many years on the show. But then, the word patriarch became a topic that Janelle Brown spoke out against.

Sister Wives: Meri BrownSister Wives: Meri Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

She didn’t go for the patriarch model. But still, she joined the other wives when they seemed content about Kody having the final say. Viewers saw this with several events, such as packing up and moving.

So, most of the time that the Sister Wives series aired, Meri Brown seemed content to go with the flow of the family. But today she’s on her own, so she sets the direction for herself. But lately, some fans think she’s carrying this too far. She’s gone from one extreme to another when taking over today.

Meri Makes Sure She’s Front and Center

With Sister Wives between seasons, fans keep an eye on social media as Meri Brown, Christine Brown, and Janelle Brown are pretty good about posting for their fans. Most of the time, they update them on their daily lives.

Meri Brown does her Friday with Friends chat fest online with her co-host and best friend, Jenn Sullivan. Finally, last week, she brought up something the fans have talked about online for some time now.

Meri and Jenn both use their phone camera to do this online show. But if they are in the same location, they sit in front of Meri Brown’s camera phone. There’s a problem with this, and Meri admitted it last week. This Sister Wives celebrity seems to push Jenn off to the side.

Sister Wives: Jenn Ends Up a Little Left of Center

Sometimes Meri Brown is so overpowering with the camera, that fans only end up seeing part of Jenn’s eye in the shot. Plus, Meri tends to talk over Jenn or cut her off so she can talk about what’s on her mind.

But “Just Jenn,” as she calls herself, makes an excellent best friend for Meri because she doesn’t seem to care about camera exposure. She’s not looking at capturing the spotlight.

Sister Wives: Jenn Sullivan - Meri BrownSister Wives: Jenn Sullivan - Meri Brown
Sister Wives | Instagram

Sister Wives fans suggest that Meri might not even realize she does this. But others point out that she’s been in the background as Kody talked for such a long time, she’s just feeling her oats.

So, fans ask that she give Jenn some room in front of the camera. Plus, they ask Meri Brown to let her best friend finish her sentences.

Jenn has become a breakout Sister Wives star for some fans. They see that Jenn has Meri’s back. But most of all when the two of them get together, they fill the room with laughter. And, that’s the best medicine there is, whether Meri needs it or not.

Sister Wives fans hope they see more of Jenn in the upcoming new season of the TLC series. They like her so much they would even take her with one eye peeping from behind Meri Brown.

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