Sister Wives star Robyn Brown walks to the beat of a different drummer than the other four members of the now-defunct polygamous marriage from the TLC series.

When she revealed the reason for minimizing herself on the show, some veteran viewers scratched their heads. Viewers suggest Robyn puts a spin on a few of the stories that make her come out on top. Still, others think she needs to be on the defensive because she’s often the target of disparaging remarks.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Cites Compassion From Day 1

Robyn Brown once explained coming into this family and the minefield she navigated to get there. With the TLC network scooping up Sister Wives, Robyn details how folks in production wanted to start the series.

Sister Wives: Robyn BrownSister Wives: Robyn Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

She gave her perspective in the best-selling book penned by the five spouses a few years back. The idea was to roll out Sister Wives with Kody Brown marrying his fourth wife, Robyn. But, Robyn reports she wouldn’t hear of it.

She wasn’t about to come into this established family and steal the limelight from the other wives. But they didn’t have the money for a huge wedding, so she said they had to wait anyway.

Robyn Agreed to Disregard Traditional Polygamy Wedding

Money was tight that year, so TLC paid for the event, making Robyn very happy. But she explained, her happiness was only because this is what Kody wanted.

Polygamy marriages are simple and quiet, she explained. But Kody always wanted a big celebration, so she was fine with that.

But first, out of compassion for the other wives, Robyn Brown would not let her marriage take the lead in the opening of this series. Still, some fans argue that’s pretty-much how the Sister Wives opened up their first season.

Granted, they married in the first season finale, but the entire season was all about the dress, the ring, and the wedding venue. So, the way she explained it sounded good.

But the Sister Wives fans remember this differently. To many, the first season was all about Robyn Brown’s preparations for the wedding, and then the marriage event closed out the season.

Sister Wives: Spooked by the Woods

One of the other stories that took up a lot of space in the comments online was Robyn Brown’s fear of the woods. Before the Sister Wives family purchased Coyote Pass, that vacant mass of dreams sitting and still waiting, they looked at other building lots.

One of the favorites for the other wives was building lots for sale in Cottonwood. Unlike Coyote Pass, this land was mostly wooded and shaded. This was a draw to a couple of the Sister Wives ladies. But Robyn couldn’t live there.

Robyn then told the story about when she was a youngster and lived in a wooded area. Well, a wildfire broke out, scaring the heck out of her. She was traumatized. While her family weathered this awful event safely, the woods in Cottonwood brought it back for her.

Sister Wives: Robyn BrownSister Wives: Robyn Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

So, the Sister Wives family moved on and purchased land on Coyote Pass with lots of open sky. Then it happened, Kody and Robyn needed a new house before they could build on Coyote Pass. That’s when they purchased the million-dollar home they live in now.

But fans couldn’t believe what they saw when the first photos of their new place were posted. It is in a wooded area, just like the area that spooked her at the Cottonwood lots. So, today, some fans wonder if she got over that trauma now that she’s living among the trees. Or if that was a handy way to get out of moving to a place she wasn’t too fond of.

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