Sister Wives star Robyn Brown‘s distance from viewers of the TLC series started years ago when she went dark on social media due to backlash. But her posts read like a road map that leads into darkness for this reality celerity.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown with Five Kids

Robyn Brown’s co-wives have their social media pages filled with photos of all the Sister Wives kids. Through the years, they’ve shared many pictures of the Brown siblings and half-siblings in photos.

Sister Wives: Robyn BrownSister Wives: Robyn Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

Robyn posted a few pictures of family gatherings and special occasions. But fans suggested over the years that most of her posts read like a family of only two parents and five kids, Robyn’s kids.

This tendency started long before she rolled up the sidewalks for good by stopping her social media posts. For the fans, this became one of the reasons she collected so much backlash in the comment sections of her posts.

Robyn Rewrites History…

Then there was the gift that Robyn Brown presented to Kody Brown. Sister Wives fans immediately hopped online to tag this portrait as “creepy.” Again, it was all about her kids and Kody. But fans saw a big problem with this.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown PortraitSister Wives: Kody Brown Portrait
Sister Wives | TLC

The portrait, seen above, has Kody with Robyn’s three kids as toddlers and babies. Kody didn’t know Robyn Brown or her kids when they were that age.

It seems she used a picture of him with his biological kids. But the artist painted her three children from her first marriage, who Kody adopted, in place of his other kids.

Sister Wives: Fans Pick a Post – Any Post

Looking back at Robyn’s post from years ago, it’s easy to see fans have a one-track mind regarding the fourth wife of the Sister Wives family. Even in the most cheery posts the show’s fans left awful comments.

In one from several years back, she talks about strong women. So, this was meant to be an uplifting message, but fans jumped on the comment section suggesting she get a job. That went along with more bashing as well.

Many of the negative comments had nothing to do with the post they were left on. But it seems like the Sister Wives fans took advantage of any place they could find to get a message across to Robyn Brown.

Robyn Unplugs…

Robyn Brown finally stopped posting, likely because each post became a platform to slam her some more.  But the way she used social media for all those years, added fuel for the Sister Wives fans.

With all those posts about her, her kids and Kody, it seemed to the viewers of the show that she was monopolizing Kody’s time. Still, it wasn’t until the last few seasons that her co-wives finally said on camera that Kody favored Robyn.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Kody BrownSister Wives: Robyn Brown - Kody Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

This validated what the fans had been saying for years. So, with Robyn unplugged from the online world, there’s nothing new from her where fans can comment.

But Sister Wives fans are creative, and it seems like a new comment gets added to Robyn’s old posts almost daily. The recent family tragedy seemed to draw fans to her old posts. So, the viewers from the TLC series seem to find a way to get their word across to Robyn Brown, one way or the other.

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