SITA has acquired passenger handling company Materna IPS, part of what the global technology solutions company called its “fast-growth” strategy to meet air travel industry demands and ease travel processes over the coming years.

The acquisition, announced Tuesday, was made for an undisclosed amount and is subject to regulatory approval, SITA said. CEO David Lavorel said the move ushers in “an exciting new era of travel.”

“SITA’s biggest acquisition ever is about to change the landscape of the whole aviation industry,” said Lavorel.

By acquiring Germany-based Materna IPS, SITA will be able to take passenger journey operations to a new “dimension of efficiency never seen before,” Lavorel added. He promised airports and airlines will have access to the most innovative passenger handling solutions and that passengers can anticipate seamless, contact-free travel processes as a result.

The integration of the companies is set to build off of Materna IPS’ kiosk, counter or online-based check-in solutions, including self-bag drop, among other practices. Materna IPS’ capabilities will be paired with SITA’s solutions such as computer vision, digital travel and biometrics and airport operations management.

“We’re on a powerful transformation path,” said Lavorel. “This acquisition fits perfectly with our growth strategy. We wanted to take a bold step towards transforming the future of travel, and we’ve done it. We can’t wait to set off on this new journey with our colleagues at Materna IPS and reshape the future of travel together.”

Materna IPS provides tools to give airports the capability to process a higher number of passengers and resources. SITA called out Materna IPS’ leadership in self-bag drop and its secure solutions for passenger touch points including boarding, check-in and baggage claim.

Georg Oschmann, CEO of Materna IPS, said the company sees “boundless potential” for development through the merging of the two companies.

“This strategic move is an ideal fit with our commitment to innovation and excellence,” said Oschmann. “Together, we’ll create unparalleled value in our industry and beyond, using our combined strengths to drive meaningful progress and more opportunity for everyone.”

SITA has partnered with other organizations as part of its strategy too. Last year, the company worked with Indicio on digital traveler ID advancement and also partnered with Lufthansa to work on lost luggage solutions.

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