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Product Description

Smart Ring for Men and WomenSmart Ring for Men and Women

The revolution of wearable technology—Smart health&fitness tracker ring

Smart health tracker ringsSmart health tracker rings

Our health tracker ring stay on top of your Health,monitoring your heart rate ,blood pressure or overnight blood oxygen level from sleep to activity.

Whether you’re running, cycling, or enjoying other outdoor activities, our smart fitness ring can capture each step, distance covered, calories burned, and your pace. it can energize your fitness routine with the dynamic fitness tracking.

Smart Fitness Ring, Built for Better fitness habits

Smart Fitness Ring, Built for Better fitness habitsSmart Fitness Ring, Built for Better fitness habits

Women's Health monitor Women's Health monitor

Women’s Health Tracking

Caring more for the health life of woman. You can use the the application to track your menstrual time and symptoms, record menstrual changes, predict ovulation and learn more about your body.

Size Charts for you to choose the right Smart Ring

Smart Ring Size Charts Smart Ring Size Charts

Steps for connecting the smart ringSteps for connecting the smart ring

SIZE FIRST – Smart Ring sizes are different from standard ring sizes. Measure your finger size accurately according to the measurement method we provide.
NO SUBSCRIPTION FEE: Please download and pair with a free APP first before using the smart health ring.You can see the data of your health ring on the APP for free. Android 5.0 or iOS 10.0 and above are all supported.
SLEEP INDEX – The ring serves as an ideal sleep tracker companion. Derived to help you understand the various sleep stages such as deep sleep, Light sleep and being awake, during different stages of sleep,you can identify whether you are deep sleep or light sleep, then you can improve your sleep quality accordingly
Activity Fitness Tracker: The fitness tracking ring, smart tracking wearable, can track your daily activity and workouts accurately. It has various sports modes for walking, running, climbing and cycling and records your exercises data,such as tracking your steps, distance, calories, and can see your fitness data on the fitness ring APP and choose a sport mode you like to keep fit.
Tips for using:It may take minutes when adding your new smart ring to the app for the first time,kindly please be patient in device’s first pairing.Please check the APP to confirm if the ring is in a normal connection if some data missed. After-sale service: 1 year warranty offered;please contact us through Amazon buyer-seller messages if any questions about our smart ring, We will support you within 24 hours.

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