Kyle Richards shared, “You know my favorite product is EltaMD. I start with this on my face before I go anywhere. Putting this on my face before I go to the pool is the absolute best, best, best product. It feels really good on your skin.”

Lala Kent gushed, “It’s fantastic. I’m huge with sunscreen. I always put it on my face. This stuff is bomb and it sits perfectly under makeup. A doctor in Beverly Hills is selling me something I can get on Amazon. If you don’t put this in your bag, you’re messing up.”

Witney Carson raved, “The UV Clear from EltaMD is my favorite! Everyone uses it and it’s so easy to put on with no white streaks.”

Delilah Belle Hamlin explained, “I love EltaMD Tinted Sunscreen and I love that it has zinc in it which really helps prevent breakouts since I have such sensitive skin!”

Caelynn Miller-Keyes told E!, “If I know I’ll be sweating, I try to keep my face bare with only skincare. But that isn’t always possible, so I love EltaMD’s Tinted Sunscreen. I like that it’s light and not too greasy. They also have a tinted version which I love for the summer!”

Rachael Kirkconnell shared, “EltaMD is light and creamy and my skin absolutely loves it, it doesn’t smell or feel like sunscreen and I have used this one for years.”

Danielle Olivera said, “I swear by this face product and never leave home without it on—especially during the summer. I don’t like to wear makeup at the beach or by the pool so this tinted moisturizer is perfect to still feel good about my skin with the added benefit that it’s also protecting it.”

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