Sonam Kapoor Says She Gained 32 Kilos After Giving Birth To Her Son, 'Honestly I Was Traumatised...'

Sonam Kapoor, who debuted in Bollywood with Saawariya, is one of the popular names in the Hindi film industry. Over the years, she has worked in films like Neerja, Khoobsurat, Raanjhanaa, Sanju and many more. Apart from her acting endeavours, Sonam is also known as a fashion icon in the industry. In her personal life, the actress has been happily married to Anand Ahuja since 2018, and they welcomed their baby boy, Vayu in 2022.

Sonam Kapoor says she was traumatised when she gained 32 kilos after giving birth

Recently, during her chat with Pernia Qureshi on her talk show, Fashionably By Pernia, Sonam opened up about her fashion choices after she gave birth to her son. She shared that initially, everyone thinks that after giving birth, everything would return to normal. However, that’s not the case. Revealing she gained 32 kilos after her son’s birth and was traumatised due to the same, Sonam added:

“I gained 32 kilos. Honestly, initially, I was traumatised, in a way where you know even though people say it, you feel like once the child comes out, you’ll be back to normal. I know honestly you feel like everything is going to be fine and you’re so obsessed with your baby, you’re really not thinking about like working out or eating right and stuff like that cuz initially you’re breastfeeding, and you’re in pain, and there’s so much going on.”

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Sonam Kapoor adds everything changes after embracing motherhood

Continuing her thoughts on the same topic, Sonam revealed that she took it slow and it took her a year and a half to adjust to her new life as a mother. Moreover, she also mentioned that everything in life changes after embracing motherhood, even relationships with parents, husband and oneself. 

“It took me a year and a half to, I took it really slow. You have to be slow because you need to adjust to the new you and everything in your life changes. Your relationship with yourself changes, with your parents change, with your husband (change), everything changes, and you cannot rush into feeling, you’re never going to feel the way you used to feel about yourself, about anything. You’re never going to feel the same way about your body, and I just feel like your body is a metaphor for what your life a new life and it’s a new change.” 

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Sonam Kapoor shares she has always accepted herself for who she is

Further, in the same conversation, Sonam said she has always accepted herself for who she is. The actress emphasised that she won’t look the way she used to when she was 16 or 25 years old. Sonam mentioned that once this acceptance comes to people, then one would start dressing accordingly. In her words:

“I’ve always accepted myself for who I am, and I was like I need to accept this version of myself. I’m never going to look the way I looked at 16 I’m never going to look the way I looked at 25, and now I’m 38, and this is the way I am I’ve had a baby, and it’s this body has made this child and that’s incredible and you have to accept it and you have to take your time in accepting it and um and once that acceptance comes then you start dressing like I’ve always dressed for my body.”

Sonam Kapoor reveals she now wears fitted clothes to accentuate her new curves

The host then praised the actress, saying that she has always dressed for her body, and that’s exactly what has made her stylish. After which, Sonam said that previously she used to wear loose-fitted clothes with Bohemian chic, and that has changed after she gave birth. The actress now opts for fitted clothes to accentuate her new curves which she has gained.

What are your thoughts on Sonam Kapoor’s revelations?

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