• Spider-Woman debuts a new black and white outfit in Marvel’s 40th celebration of Spider-Man’s iconic costume.
  • Superstar artist Peach Momoko creates an astonishing variant cover for
    #7 with dark and menacing visuals.
  • Spider-Woman’s menacing appearance with the symbiote adds depth and a cool factor to her character, making her one of Marvel’s most powerful.


Spider-Woman’s new black and white costume ranks as one of her coolest ever. 2024 marks 40 years of Spider-Man’s iconic black and white outfit, and to celebrate, Marvel is releasing a series of variant covers, each featuring a Marvel icon wearing the costume. This May, superstar artist Peach Momoko drops an amazing variant cover for Spider-Woman #7, featuring Jessica in her own spin on Spidey’s classic duds.

Marvel unveiled Peach Momoko’s cover to Spider-Woman #7, along with the other variants, in a post on their website. The cover depicts Spider-Woman, wearing a variation of the black and white outfit, looking up at the reader. Spider-Woman is sitting on a web, and underneath it are bloodstains. Spider-Woman herself has a menacing look on her face, as if the symbiote is slowly taking over.

SImage of Spider-Woman wearing a black and white riff on her outfit.

Furthermore, her hands have been transformed into claws, perfect for killing her victims.

Spider-Man’s Black and White Costume Turns 40 This Year

Marvel Is Celebrating By Giving the Costume To Spider-Woman and Others

Spider-Woman ready to fight, her costume tattered, in Marvel Comics

In the 1980s, Marvel began shaking up their biggest icons, giving them new looks for a new era. The Hulk became gray, Thor grew a beard and Spider-Man received a new costume. In 1984’s Secret Wars #8, Spider-Man discovered an all-black costume on the mysterious Battleworld. The costume was alive, and was discovered to be a symbiote, who was trying to bond with Peter. Horrified, Spider-Man rid himself of the outfit, and went on to bond with Eddie Brock, creating the equally-iconic Venom. While the black outfit only lasted a few years, it made a huge impression on fans.

Spider-Woman Jessica Drew was created by Archie Goodwin and Marie Severin

Marvel’s “Black Costume Variant Covers” feature a diverse array of heroes and villains, ranging from Ms. Marvel to the Green Goblin, all sporting their own take on the outfit, including Spider-Woman. Since her debut in the late 1970s, Spider-Woman Jessica Drew has had a number of outfits of her own, including her trademark red and yellow get-up. Spider-Woman has swung back to this classic outfit in recent years, currently wearing it in the pages of her own title, and Peach Momoko’s cover looks at what happens when Jessica gets her own symbiote.


Marvel’s Future Fantastic Four Gave Spider-Woman Her Best Costume Yet

Spider-Woman receives her most fitting costume yet during her tenure with the Fantastic Four in Marvel’s far-flung future.

Spider-Woman and the Black and White Outfit Is One of Her Best Looks Ever

Marvel Should Bring It Into Regular Continuity

Spider-Woman painted by Alex Ross.

Many of the other heroes participating in the “Black Costume Variant Covers” received distorted and terrifying versions of themselves. Spider-Woman is no different, and in Peach Momoko’s hands, Jessica Drew becomes quietly menacing, yet undeniably cool. Momoko’s distinct style shines through on the cover, imparting an eerie aura to Spider-Woman. She looks downright sinister, and it is clear the symbiote is slowly taking over. This new look is a good one for Spider-Woman, and when the symbiote’s powers are combined with her own, she is one of Marvel’s coolest and most powerful characters.

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Spider-Woman #7 is on sale May 1 from Marvel Comics!

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