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Warning! This article contains spoilers for Sugar, episode 6, “Go Home”.


  • Episode 6 of Sugar reveals Farrell’s character as an alien, altering the initial disappearance storyline.
  • Farrell and the creative team explain the decision to delay the alien reveal for dramatic effect.
  • Director Meirelles suggests the show can be rewatched with the knowledge of the alien secret for a different viewing experience.

The massive twist in Sugar episode 6 is detailed by star and executive producer Colin Farrell, along with the show’s creative team. Consisting of eight episodes, the Apple TV+ drama was described as a genre-bending crime saga prior to its debut in April. But five episodes in, the story unfolded as a somewhat straightforward disappearance case involving an influential Hollywood family. That all changed with Sugar episode 6, which ends with the reveal that Farrell’s character is an alien.

In a detailed interview with IndieWire, Farrell, Mark Protosevich, and director Fernando Mierelles break down the closing moments of the sixth installment and shed light on the timing of the reveal. That quote is below:

: “The reveal was in the first episode when I read it. We decided — and not that it can ever be proven whether it was the right or wrong decision — but we thought [the] drama should be strong enough to stand on its own, and then we would have the reveal explain things later.”

: “I watched the whole series imagining we knew that he’s an alien from the start,” said Meirelles. “It would be different because it’s a secret that we know, but nobody else knows, so it could be interesting as well.”

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