• Discovering new makeup looks has brought out a brighter and cheerier side of Tammy’s personality, showing her evolving self.
  • Red lipstick brightens up Tammy’s face and highlights her fair skin, boosting her confidence.
  • As Tammy explores new makeup styles, she embraces her beauty and personal style, finding what works best for her.

1000-Lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton now weighs 278 pounds and her drastic weight loss is inspiring her to try fun new makeup looks, including sexy scarlet lips. In the past, Tammy, who lost 420 pounds, tended to play it safe with makeup, but now, she’s starting to realize just how effective the right cosmetics can be. A simple swipe of an intense hue, such as ruby or fire engine red, is often enough to change a woman’s look in an instant.

While a bare face or natural makeup are always nice, sometimes, it’s fun to play.

Tammy’s been through so many changes. She’s rolling with the punches and finding out who she really is. Who she really isn’t is the rude and selfish woman that viewers saw in earlier seasons. During 1000-Lb Sisters season 5, Tammy began to evolve, shedding the sour and miserable attitude that held her back. Now, there’s a brighter and cheerier Tammy – it’s like the sun came out to stay.With her pal Haley Michelle, Tammy’s branching out – she’s having a blast with makeup. Cosmetics are supposed to be fun and Tammy’s red lips look totally fabulous.

Lots of celebrities are into red lips, and they are a great way to brighten up a face. Gwen Stefani, Margot Robbie, Madonna, the late Marilyn Monroe and Bond Girl Léa Seydoux all love to paint their lips red.


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Tammy Slaton’s Friend Haley’s Getting Her Into Makeup

Here Is Tammy Slaton Before Red Lipstick

Tammy’s got a wonderful best friend, Haley, but some fans don’t trust her pal. They think Haley’s chasing clout. However, Haley’s Instagram account shows a warm and caring person who’s delightfully zany. It’s quite possible that people are wrong about Haley – sure, she probably enjoys the attention she gets from hanging out with a reality star, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like Tammy. In the photo above, Haley, who’s very good at doing her own makeup, puts some blush on Tammy.

Tammy is currently

37 years old

Haley is currently

30 years old

The beauty industry generates billions of dollars in profits, and it’s basically recession-proof. People want to buy beauty products and they always will. Even back in Egyptian times, cosmetics were in play. Without makeup, it’s hard to create theatrical effects. When it comes to fashion, cosmetics are sort of the cherry on top. In Tammy’s case, as the next picture will show, it’s cherry-red lipstick that’s “waking up” her face and giving her confidence.

Tammy Slaton Looks Great In Red Lipstick

Tammy Slaton’s Bold Lip Color Suits Her Fair Skin

In the IG post above, Tammy and Haley rock bright red lips with so much confidence. The late comedienne Joan Rivers once said that she didn’t like very light lipstick shades on paler faces. She’s got a point, as a brighter hue creates a lot of contrast and cuts through the paleness. Conversely, people with darker skin often look gorgeous with neutral or pale pink lips.

J Lo has a beautiful golden complexion and usually opts for a lighter lip. That look really works for her. In The Devil Wears Prada, ivory-skinned Anne Hathaway looked beautiful in vibrant red lipstick. So, Tammy’s on the right track with red – she’s going for a bolder color that highlights the beauty of her fair skin.

Red lipstick gives her a shot of color that’s so energizing.

Tammy Slaton Used To Look So Different

Tammy Slaton’s Embracing Her Beauty

Tammy used to go for a very natural look. She didn’t seem to want to play with makeup. While too much vanity isn’t a good thing, a little bit can be a good sign. In general, when a person is taking the time to put on some makeup, they’re doing something pleasant – they’re pampering themselves. Also, they’re considering how they appear to the world around them and trying to make a good impression. When people get depressed, they often dial down their personal styling, as Tammy seemed to do in the 1000lb_realitytv_updates IG post shown above.

Tammy Slaton Rocked A Cool Blue Top & Cherry-Red Lips

Tammy Slaton’s In Her Glamour Girl Era

In Tammy‘s Instagram post, as seen above, she looks wonderful. In this shot, everything really came together. Tammy wore a bright red lip with a dark teal t-shirt. What made the outfit fun and flattering was the print top she wore underneath – it added a little artsy style that made the ensemble interesting. Tammy’s treble clef pendant, which is filled with her late husband’s ashes, also looked very pretty. The fact that the jewelry has so much sentimental value makes it extra-special.

Tammy’s makeup is great here. She has so much color in her face – some of that may be natural, just from being healthier due to her successful bariatric procedure. She wears a red lip that’s not super-intense – there’s a bit of a low-grade sheen to give it a softer look. It’s bright enough to glam up her appearance without being overpowering.

Tammy’s short auburn hair also looks fantastic. Cutting it was such a smart move. Before, Tammy’s bright red curls were a bit distracting – they took the focus off her pretty face. Her sleek and streamlined haircut is so sophisticated. It’s a great makeover look for her – something that she should probably stick with. Short hair is perfect for Tammy.

Tammy’s figuring out her personal style like most women do. As she matures and finds herself, she’s getting a better sense of what works for her. Learn about her weight loss journey with Amy by watching the clip above. The 1000-Lb Sisters star has never looked better. Tammy seems very happy right now and fans should try to focus on that instead of trying to bring her down. Her friendship with Haley makes her happy right now, even though people who follow her online are planting seeds of doubt.

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