The Haunted Hotel, the signature scary zone in IMG Worlds of Adventure, the largest indoor theme park in Dubai, will reopen to the public on the 9th of April 2024 after massive renovation that did not just include the design and structure of the Hotel, but also gave an exciting new story and scary characters with the combination of a compelling narrative, detailed set design, and interactive elements.

The new creative story takes place in ever-changing eight different thrilling scenes,  Guests will visit each interactive scene, one by one and encounter new characters belonging only in the Hotel until the conclusion of their horrifying journey in the Haunted Hotel.

Board of Director and Owner, Mr. Illyas Galadari commented: “Renovating and revamping the Haunted Hotel in IMG Worlds of Adventure is sure to draw in a lot of thrill-seekers. Introducing a new story and scary characters will add an extra layer of excitement and intrigue for visitors. Our attractions keep on evolving for guests to always be engaged. I’m sure many visitors will be eager to experience the revamped Haunted Hotel”.

The backstory for the Haunted Hotel at IMG Worlds of Adventure is chilling and immersive. The tragic events of the past, involving the wealthy widow and her children, set the stage for an eerie and mysterious experience for guests. The idea of the hotel reopening after major renovations, only to be haunted by the echoes of the past, adds a layer of suspense and intrigue showing two different time zones between the past and present. With each visit, guests may uncover new clues and unravel more of the hotel’s dark history, adding to the excitement of the experience.

Board of Director and Owner, Mr. Mustafa Galadari added from his side: “We designed the new Haunted Hotel and created a story that will ever devolve and open up to new possibilities and mysteries. Creating an attraction that offers different adventures with each visit, encouraging guests to return multiple times. This approach demonstrates a commitment to innovation and creativity in providing memorable experiences for guests”.

The Resurrection of the Haunted Hotel will take place during the celebrations of IMG’s Arabian Nights of Eid El Fitr. Every corner of IMG’s Arabic City is dedicated to famous folk stories and tales brought to life by combining storytelling sessions with entertaining puppetry. The gate is decorated with folkloric drawings and amazing arches inspired by Middle Eastern design. The lanterns and shiny fabric curtains hanging from the ceiling cast a soft glow, adding an air of mystery to perfectly complete the 1001 Arabian stories experience. Palm trees line the sides of the road as if walking in a desert oasis. Puppet shows of Aladdin, Ali Baba and the Flying Horse bring all ages to experience the beauty of the Arabian stories with few activities of the Dino egg hunt in the lost valley with winning surprises.



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