• The Power Rangers face their ‘Darkest Hour’ against the Dark Specter, who has corrupted the Morphin Grid.
  • Now, they’re allied with Lord Zedd, carrying out a last stand from his Moon Palace.
  • Dark Specter is so dangerous, heroes and villains are forced to unite – Zedd is even considered a Ranger now.


Contains spoilers for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #118!As the Power Rangers face their literal ‘Darkest Hour,’ they’ve been forced to do the unthinkable, allying with their former greatest enemies and taking shelter in the last place fans of the original ’90s show would ever imagine. Currently, the Power Rangers are facing off against Dark Specter, an ultimate force of evil who has managed to corrupt the Morphin Grid itself. This corruption has touched every corner of the franchise, with Earth currently the only safe haven for humanity.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #118 finds the remaining Rangers holed up in the last place fans would suspect – Lord Zedd’s imposing Moon Palace, which is under siege by Dark Specter’s forces. However, the Rangers haven’t simply taken shelter in their nemesis’ abandoned base – Lord Zedd is now considered a team member, having unlocked his own Ranger form and allied with the Rangers against Dark Specter.

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Present in the franchise since season 1 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the Moon Palace is the home of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa, who would mastermind their attacks on Earth from within its walls. Now, however, a greater threat means they’re forced to ally with the Rangers to survive.

The building has a large
“Bandra Palace”
sign due to
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
using footage from the
Super Sentai
franchise, remixed for American audiences. In
Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger
, actress Machiko Soga’s villain is known as Witch Bandora, leader of the Bandora Gang. In BOOM! Studios canon, the sign refers to a group of monks who originally guarded the Zero Crystal under the structure.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #118

mighty morphin power rangers 118 cover
  • Writer: Melissa Flores
  • Artist: Simon Di Gianfelice & Marco Renna
  • Colorist: Raul Angulo & Jose Enrique Fernandez
  • Letterer: Ed Dukeshire
  • Cover Artists: Taurin Clarke



After 31 Years, Power Rangers Just Killed Rita Repulsa

Rita Repulsa’s been a thorn in the side of the Power Rangers for three decades. Now, the Rangers finally put a permanent end to their original enemy.

So far, the Moon Palace is safe within a bubble of uncorrupted space, making it impossible for Dark Specter to enter, however that barrier is quickly failing…

The Power Rangers Are Now Based in Lord Zedd’s Moon Palace

Enemies Become Allies Within the Iconic ’90s Fortress

In recent comics, Rita Repulsa broke from Lord Zedd. Embracing the title of Mistress Vile, she worked to give Dark Specter a vessel in the material world, eventually allowing the force of evil to possess Zordon’s former body. As a result, Dark Specter has been able to infect the Morphin Grid, seizing power over all those who connect to it. Now, whenever a Ranger morphs, they join Dark Specter’s army of zombie-like Dark Rangers. Connecting past, present and future, the infection is absolute, with refugees from every corner of the franchise coming together for a desperate last stand.

The Power Rangers’ most unexpected allies in this time have been Lord Zedd and – as of this issue – Rita Repulsa, who see Dark Specter as a threat to their own power. Now, in a team-up that will blow ’90s fans’ minds, the Rangers find themselves commanding an army of Putty Patrolers and relying on Zedd to keep Dark Specter’s army at bay. So far, the Moon Palace is safe within a bubble of uncorrupted space, making it impossible for Dark Specter to enter, however that barrier is quickly failing.

It’s a sign of how desperate the battle is that the Rangers are welcome in Lord Zedd’s Moon Palace, and likewise that they’re willing to refer to the Emperor of Evil as a Ranger himself. The ‘Darkest Hour’ event has proved to be exactly that, uniting the heroes and villains of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers against a threat so unfathomable, the boundaries of good and evil have become blurred by the need for pure survival.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #118 is available now from BOOM! Studios

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