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In the timeless tradition of Après Ski, skiers and snowboarders come together to unwind after a thrilling day in the mountains. But just how much do Brits spend during a week-long holiday in the mountains on this alone?

To find out, PayingTooMuch has surveyed 1,000 skiers and snowboarders to reveal the average cost of a snow sports holiday, including accommodation, lift passes, equipment, and Après Ski.

The average cost of Après Ski in 2024

Budget per category
Category Average budget in £
Accommodation £518.47
Après Ski £401.88
Eating out £311.12
Souvenirs and shopping £241.68
Ski and lift passes £239.82
Transfer £238.24
Ski hires and other equipment £235.14
Ski lessons £218.86
Travel Insurance £216.68
Other activities £209.42
Total £2,831.31

On average, Brits allocate just over £400 towards Après Ski festivities, making it the second most significant expenditure after accommodation during their holiday. But, it’s important to note that skiers and snowboarders may not be covered by their travel insurance if they face injury when coming down the mountain after consuming alcohol.

Advanced skiers and snowboarders spend more on a ski holiday than all other levels and will spend an average of £4,125.77 per person. Advanced skiers will spend almost £200 more on Après ski than beginners (£538.73).

While Après is a cherished aspect of many winter sports holidays, Brits should be cautious when skiing under the influence. A staggering 55% of individuals have observed skiers or snowboarders sustain injuries on the slopes after consuming alcohol.

Further insights:

·  61% of Brits have been injured on a winter sports holiday, and 34% of these weren’t even skiing or snowboarding at the time.

·  Broken bones are the most common type of injury on a snow sports holiday, with 13% of Brits experiencing this.

·  33% of Brits never take out winter sports insurance when going on a skiing holiday.

The post The true cost of enjoying Après Ski on your ski holiday appeared first on Brand TD.

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