The world’s greatest ‘wanderbusts’?

The world’s greatest ‘wanderbusts’?

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AI reimagines the world’s most over-hyped luxury destinations according to their one-star reviews. When booking a luxury vacation, it’s natural to want to check out the reviews first to make sure you’re getting what you pay for.

However, paying too much attention to negative reviews could unfairly skew your expectations, with studies showing online reviews can significantly impact travel decisions.To highlight this issue, Tropicalboat Luxury Yacht Charters & Rentals analyzed one-star travel reviews for some of the world’s most sought-after luxury destinations and fed the most common complaints into an AI generator to visualize how they might look through the lens of the world’s harshest critics.

St Barts

As the world’s most expensive destination to visit, costing tourists $1,852 per day on average, it’s no surprise this uber-exclusive location has to meet high expectations.

But according to 1-star travel reviews, seaweed is the biggest blight for many of St Barts’ most popular beaches. The most negative reviews complained of overcrowding at St Jean beach, as well as the noise of planes flying overhead and how narrow the beach is, with one reviewer commenting there’s “only about 25’ to 40’ of beach till the water”.

Others complained that Anse de Grande Saline was too built up with parking and fences and was too windy, one going as far as to describe the beach as “improper for use”.

The rocky terrain surrounding Colombier Beach proved to be a pain point for some, while another complained of too many waves which “made swimming unenjoyable”.


With over 4.3 billion views on TikTok, Santorini has become one of Europe’s most sought-after luxury destinations.

In particular, videos of Oia’s whitewashed houses and winding streets have dominated the social media platform, especially those of tourists getting a dreamy shot of the sunset. But one-star reviewers were most let down by overcrowding, with one complaining of “thousands of tourists in very narrow streets”.

Oia’s hiking trail to Fira City was also criticized for being “dirty, dusty and hot” as well as having too much donkey excrement and barbed wire.

Amoudi Bay painted a similar picture, with visitors commenting on the abundance of donkey faeces as well as “the assault of coaches, cars and wagons there on the pier! It seems an assault on a castle.”


Home to the world-famous Grand Prix and a haven for the rich and famous, Monaco’s Monte-Carlo is at the top of many people’s travel bucket lists.

But some one-star reviewers weren’t impressed by the picturesque architecture of Monte Carlo’s iconic Casino Square, calling it “ugly buildings with the odd nice one”. Another claimed the square was “far too busy to take in the atmosphere… the fountain in the middle was inaccessible.”

The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco was also criticized for being too crowded, despite having over 4,500 ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ reviews, while construction work was the biggest complaint at Monte Carlo’s harbor.

Bora Bora

Best known for its sparkling turquoise lagoon, sandy white beaches and luxurious resorts, it’s no wonder thousands flock to the French Polynesian island each year.

However, according to the internet’s most scathing reviews, Bora Bora’s popularity is also its downfall. Some complained of cramped conditions at Bora Bora’s popular Lagoonarium, with crowds of “70+ people just walk[ing] around” and no chairs available.

But it wasn’t just the crowds that were cause for complaint. Others were disappointed by the lagoon’s shallow waters which were “very murky because of all the people there”.

This sentiment was also shared by visitors to Matira Beach, describing it as “murky and uninspiring”, while others commented on the “narrow beach” and abundance of “broken down houses along the shore”.

Even Bora Bora’s highly praised Turtle Centre was criticized for allowing turtles to be “stuck in blue tubs”, which AI interpreted to mean buckets!

Over-tourism has undoubtedly been an issue across French Polynesia, prompting the government to introduce an annual cap of no more than 280,000 tourists to protect the local environment and promote quality tourism.


While perhaps best known for its party atmosphere and vibrant nightlife, Cancun is also a hub of luxury resorts and pristine beaches.

However, AI’s interpretation left little to be desired, with one-star reviewers of Playa Delfines complaining of “too much seaweed” and “tons of rock and sharp objects”. One visitor even described the beach as a “dirty wasteland”.

Other popular attractions were similarly critiqued such as Ventura Park where visitors commented on the dirtiness and smelliness of the Lazy River, as well as several attractions being closed or appearing outdated.

Some even found Cancun’s high-end La Isla Shopping Village comparable to Chinatown in New York City thanks to overcrowding and aggressive vendors, while others warned of crocodiles.


With more luxury brands prioritizing investment in Paris stores, the city of love is also one of the most desirable for travelers looking to purchase high-end goods while abroad.

But according to one-star reviews, Paris’ most iconic landmark, the Eiffel Tower, is dirty and unsafe with a “huge ugly ground perimeter”. Others complained of too many security checkpoints and bad weather.

The Louvre received even harsher criticisms, with tourists most upset about the “zombie-like crowds” and long queues. One person likened the historic building to “a run-down airport or huge mall… it looks like a dilapidated regional train station.”

The Notre Dame was frequently described as a “building site” with reviewers disappointed by the cathedral being blocked off by fencing and guards after a fire in 2019 kept the attraction closed to the public. The Notre Dame is due to re-open this year, but one reviewing instead recommended “knocking it down and starting again. Or better still, turn [it] into a park.”


Venice may be known for its stunning canals and architecture, but according to one-star reviewers, the city’s famous Canal Grande is dirty, smelly and “so busy it is a boat highway”.

The lack of signage and overcrowding was Doge’s Palace’s biggest complaint, while visitors were equally critical of Piazza San Marco, with one questioning “Why on earth do people pay money to feed the dirty pigeons… What is wrong with people?” The busy crowds and garbage were also a problem for reviewers, while another simply wrote: “No, and no and no and no and no no no.”

Kate Kalamaga, founder and owner of Tropicalboat Luxury Yacht Charters & Rentals, commented on the study: “With prices typically much steeper for luxury destinations, it’s unsurprising some discerning travelers will be pickier.“Honest and constructive criticism is always welcome for helping attractions improve and will reduce complaints in the long-term.“However, being unnecessarily or excessively critical is not a faithful representation of many locations and can negatively impact businesses and hurt local economies.“Remember, some destinations rely heavily on tourism and must maintain a stellar reputation to attract top clientele.”




The post The world’s greatest ‘wanderbusts’? appeared first on Brand TD.

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