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Not all body scrubs are made equal. Some smell great but don’t have many other benefits. Others have an expansive feature set and make your skin look and feel great. And then you have the ones that tick all the boxes and make you smell fantastic while serving seriously useful benefits.

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It may still be cold and blustery outside, but there’s no bad time to take care of your skin. And if, like some of Us, you like to bare your legs or arms in the cooler weather anyway, you’re probably staying up on your everything showers to look your absolute best. For most, a simple […]

We happen to love the Her Juice Bar Turmeric Tonic Scrub, a brightening mix of sea salt, jojoba oil, grape seed and almond oil, turmeric extract, and vitamin E that whips your skin into shape for $40. This simple mixture’s collection fo science-backed ingredients works to nourish your skin, ligthen scars, even out your tone, and deliver soft and hydrating benefits.

Get the Turmeric Tonic Scrub for just $40 at Her Juice Bar!

Turmeric, the scrub’s main ingredient, lessens redness and helps to soften dark spots and skin discoloration. Meanwhile, sea salt fights bacteria that can cause acne while exfoliating to give you softer and smoother skin. It works with all skin types, and addresses multiple concerns at once – so you don’t need to pick up multiple scrubs to handle different things and extend your skincare routine even further.

Get the Turmeric Tonic Scrub for just $40 at Her Juice Bar!

This scrub’s made of all-natural ingredients that you can rely on for results. If you’ve tried the rest and need something that can get you dramatically different looks, give this a try. There are other products that complement it as well, so if one works for you, it may be time to move on to the others!

Get the Turmeric Tonic Scrub for just $40 at Her Juice Bar!

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