Tom Schwartz let a long-held secret slip during Tuesday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules.

The TomTom owner stepped out with Lala Kent and, while discussing Tom Sandoval‘s affair, noted that everybody in the group has made mistakes. Especially him, he said, as he once locked lips with Scheana Shay.

“I made out with Scheana 12 years ago in Vegas,” Tom confessed. “No one even knows that. It was so long ago. It was like the most innocuous thing ever.”

Tom said that the kiss came during a “rocky moment” with his now ex-wife, Katie Maloney, before noting that he and Scheana discussed the situation not that long ago.

“It just popped in my head the other day. Sometime late last year we were at a party around the holidays and she was like, ‘Do you remember when we…’ And I was like, ‘We did make out, right?'” he recalled. “We kind of made out.”

As for if Katie was aware of the smooch, Tom revealed that she didn’t, before remarking, “Ah s**t.”

“We’re all human. We all do dumb s**t sometimes. This is the summer of forgiveness,” he told the cameras.

Katie didn’t quite agree with that assessment when Lala spilled the beans about the kiss shortly thereafter.

“What the actual f**k? Are you kidding me? I just have so many questions,” Katie said in a confessional. “When was this? Where exactly was this? Was this the time Schwartz said he went to Vegas and made out with one of Scheana’s friends? Was it actually, in fact, Scheana? There are just so many lies in this group. It’s hard to keep track.”

When the group got together for James Kennedy‘s DJ gig, Katie broached the subject with Scheana.

“Me and Ariana were there with my mom and her sister for her cheer competition in, like, f**king high school. And Schwartz pulls me in the corner and kisses me,” she said, adding that she was engaged to her now ex-husband, Mike Shay, at the time.

Scheana insisted that the moment “was not a make out,” but rather an attempted kiss.

“I wanted to pretend that this never happened. I never told Shay. I never told my mom. I never told my best friends,” Scheana told the cameras. “Also, I would’ve never told Katie, especially back then because the b**ch is scary. This was peak Tequila Katie hates Scheana days. There was no way in hell I was going to be like, ‘By the way, your man wanted me in Vegas and he kissed me.’ Like, no. Never.”

The part that seemed to bother Katie the most about the situation was that Scheana and Tom had joked about it recently, an allegation that the singer denied.

“I may have [said], ‘Oh yeah, you’re a make-out whore. You tried with me once,'” Scheana said, before explaining that she never brought up the situation in order to protect Katie.

“I wish I would’ve known,” Katie replied. In a confessional, Katie added, “I would’ve expected something like this from Schwartz, but Scheana’s had literal years to tell me about this. I don’t like liars, especially lying by omission. It’s just making me wonder if I’ll ever fully be able to trust or be close to Scheana.” 

Katie didn’t let her ex-husband off the hook either; she confronted him one-on-one about the situation, before bringing it up again in front of Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd.

“Didn’t we just work through this? Why is Katie bringing this again?” Tom questioned in a confessional. “She’s like [our dog] Gordo when he gets a bone, man. Just will not let it go.”

When Tom lamented the situation to Scheana’s husband, Brock Davies, Brock told the cameras that “Katie needs to get off her high horse, because I know for a fact there’s some real double standards happening.”

Those double standards? The fact that Katie just spent the night with Max Boyens, one of Tom’s closest friends. 

“This has all the tell-tale signs of a revenge bang,” Tom said in a confessional.

When ET spoke with the cast at the show’s season premiere, they all reacted to the past kiss.

For his part, Tom admitted to his bad behavior, telling ET, “It’s weird because in my mind I’m so unproblematic, I’m so easygoing, but, honestly, I’ve got to take some accountability. Back in the day, I used to handle problems within my relationship terribly, copious amounts of alcohol, throwing caution to the wind. I’ll be honest, I was kind of a douche, to be frank. I’m not proud of how I used to handle myself.”

Meanwhile, Katie noted that “it takes a lot to really shock me at this point,” and Scheana insisted that the illicit smooch “didn’t cause any riff” with Katie.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays on Bravo.





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