It’s estimated that just under a fifth of couples will get engaged on Valentine’s day, with some data suggesting that as many as 6 million couples pop the question that day every year! Now a month on and with wedding season on the horizon, many newly engaged couples will start to plan their big day – and one of the first things they will need to decide is where to get married.

The study by Bounce analysed social media popularity in each location on the list to reveal the best destinations for a wedding abroad in 2024.

The 10 best locations for a destination wedding on social media:

Rank Destination Country Hashtag No. of Instagram Posts No. of TikTok Posts Total No. of Social Media Posts
1 Bali Indonesia #baliwedding 1,356,647 13,600 1.4M
2 Hawaii USA #hawaiiwedding 648,901 6,046 654.9K
3 Dubai UAE #dubaiwedding 610,839 9,756 620.6K
4 New York City USA #newyorkwedding 380,511 3,563 384.1K
5 Tuscany Italy #tuscanywedding 306,686 3,246 309.9K
6 Santorini Greece #santoriniwedding 201,836 3,015 204.9K
7 Paris France #pariswedding 190,628 2,929 193.6K
8 Mallorca Balearic Islands #mallorcawedding 149,042 1,351 150.4K
9 Lake Como Italy #lakecomowedding 136,788 6,253 143.0K
10 Ibiza Balearic Islands #ibizawedding 138,708 1,194 139.9K


The most popular wedding destination on social media by far is Bali. There are over 1.3 million posts under the hashtag #baliwedding. This includes 1,356,647 posts on Instagram and 13,600 posts on TikTok.

On Instagram, there are many photos of couples outside traditional holy temples in Bali, wearing extravagant outfits and headdresses for their special day. On TikTok, most videos showcase the stunning beaches and mountainous views that couples have chosen for their wedding venue.

The second most popular destination wedding location according to social media data is Hawaii. Hawaii has over 648,000 posts on Instagram and a total of 6,046 posts on TikTok.

In third place for the most popular overseas wedding destination is Dubai with a total of 620.6K social media posts – including over 610,000 on Instagram and almost 10,000 on TikTok.

Further study insights indicate that the most popular destination wedding location overall is Tuscany, Italy with a wedding score of 8.25 out of 10.




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