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Barcelona is one of the top destinations worldwide. Catalunya’s capital city has a vibe you won’t find anywhere else in Europe. Besides its distinctive character, there are at least 10 reasons to visit Barcelona.

With unique architecture, a delicious food scene, iconic nightlife, and a rich cultural heritage, it’s impossible not to fall in love with this city.

Incredibly diverse, Barcelona offers so many things to do: sweeping panoramic views, charming hidden alleyways, modern shopping venues, and amazing beaches a stone’s throw away from the old center. 

Let’s dig deeper to inspire you to visit Barcelona whether it’s your first or even tenth time.


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Why You Should Visit Barcelona

aerial view over Barcelona city on a hazy dayaerial view over Barcelona city on a hazy day

Following are the top reasons why a trip to Barcelona is always a good idea, regardless of the time of the year or who you are traveling with.

#1 Scenic architecture

rooftop access to tourists of the casa milarooftop access to tourists of the casa mila

If there is a “why” to visit Barcelona, it is its mind blowing architecture. What’s so peculiar about the city’s look are the many buildings designed by famous architects, the most iconic and famous being Antoni Gaudí.

Strolling around Barcelona’s central neighborhoods, from Eixample to El Raval to the Gothic Quarter, you will stumble upon many famous buildings. Casa Batlló, Casa Milà – La Pedrera, Palau Güell, and Casa Vicens astonish with their curves, motifs, and colors. Already impressive from the outside, these buildings display more wonders once you step inside due to the imaginative mind of Gaudí.

Each of Gaudí’s buildings has something special to discover, and by visiting all four, you can have a pretty good idea of how the architect’s style changed and got more interesting with time. For instance, Casa Vicens marks the beginning of Gaudí’s influential career and features a striking color palette, intricate wrought iron details, and natural elements. Instead, Palau Güell is the first time the architect used the famous technique of the trencadís, the broken-tiles mosaic.

All listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Gaudí’s Art Nouveau masterpieces radically shape Barcelona’s cityscape. However, the city is home to a wealth of other architectural styles, from Gothic to Renaissance to Modernism. The most famous of Gaudi’s designs is Sagrada Familia church, which over 100 years later is yet to be finished.

To know all the secrets of Gaudí’s Barcelona, we suggest you join this private 3-hour walking tour that will lead you to discover his whimsical public art and innovative architecture.



Hours: The buildings open at 9:00am. Consult the official websites to discover the exact opening and closing times. 

Price: Ticket prices vary depending on the building you choose to visit. 


Get Your Barcelona Pass

Before you head out, make sure to grab your Go City Barcelona pass.

#2 Impressive churches

stained glass windows inside la sagrada familiastained glass windows inside la sagrada familia

Barcelona’s stunning architecture continues with its churches. From Gothic cathedrals to medieval chapels and modernist churches, there are some of the most impressive in the world to be discovered in Barcelona.

It’s impossible not to mention firstly Sagrada Familia. Barcelona’s most iconic monument, this Roman Catholic church was designed by Antoni Gaudí. Its construction began in 1882, but it remains unfinished. Gaudi even lived in the church for a period, he was so dedicated to its construction, but died before it could be completed. 

This church has a very peculiar look from the outside since the architectural styles changed throughout the construction works due to change in architects following Gaudi’s death. Mainly built in neo-Gothic style, Gaudí’s artistic imprint is undeniable and it was arguably his greatest creation. The outside of the building is a story of the bible told in intricate carvings and soaring towers, topped with impressive stars and angels, you must get up close to really discover the many details carved into the stonework. Inside is another story entirely, the massive columns, the high ceiling, and the grey-white bricks were designed to reflect nature, the columns are trees spreading to support the ceiling and are the perfect background for the light games made when the sun’s rays enter through the many colorful stained glass windows. You are given the impression of standing in a bright and colorful forest with ceilings defying physics and gravity.

To truly understand the details of Sagrada Familia we recommended taking a guided tour, the guides are incredibly knowledgeable and will point out details you might miss yourself, such as the surprising ethnicity of some of the bible figures carved outside!

The UNESCO-listed Sagrada Familia has many more wonders to discover inside, but it isn’t the only church worth visiting in Barcelona. As impressive is Barcelona Cathedral, officially known as the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia. Built from the thirteenth to fifteenth centuries, Barcelona Cathedral dominates the Gothic Quarter’s skyline with its high spires and neo-Gothic façade. 

Another jaw-dropping church is the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar, among the finest examples of Catalan Gothic architecture. Nestled in the El Born district this church was an important part of the history of this neighborhood. Make sure you take the time to step inside and admire the beautiful interior, for example, the rose window and the roof, which offers panoramic views across the city.

For a stress-free time, get this skip-the-line ticket to visit Barcelona’s iconic Sagrada Familia, with optional access to its panoramic tower.




  • Sagrada Familia: Opens at 9:00am Monday-Saturday, Sundays 10:30am. 
  • Barcelona Cathedral: Opens at 9:30am Monday-Saturday and 2:00pm Sundays.
  • Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar: Open Monday-Sunday at 10:00am.

Price: Tickets’ fees vary depending on the church you choose to visit. 


More Info

  • Access to Barcelona Cathedral requires an entrance ticket that can be bought on-site or on the official website. Skip the line with this guided tour.
  • Access to the Basilica Santa Maria del Mar requires an entrance ticket that can be bought on-site or on the official website.

#3 World-class museums

Among the 10 reasons to visit Barcelona is, without a doubt, the wealth of museums and art galleries it offers. Art lovers and museum geeks will be spoiled for choice since there are over 55 museums in Barcelona, covering everything from art to science to sports

One of Barcelona’s gems is the Picasso Museum. Entirely dedicated to the famous artist, this museum displays over 4000 works by Pablo Picasso, including paintings, sculptures, and drawings. Founded in 1963, the museum’s permanent collection shows off young Picasso’s formative years while also encompassing lesser-known works by the artist and temporary exhibitions.

Another great museum to visit is the Miró Foundation. This prestigious museum showcases the life and works of the renowned Catalan painter Joan Miró. Opened in 1975, the museum boasts an impressive permanent collection of over 10,000 artworks by the Catalan artist. Step inside the Miró Foundation to admire masterpieces such as “The Morning Star”, and “Woman and Birds at Sunrise”. Besides the colorful paintings, the museum collection includes Miró’s sculptures, ceramics, textiles, and drawings.

A local favorite is the CaixaForum, regarded as one of the most important in Europe. Housed in a striking modernist building, this museum has wonderful exhibitions covering many artistic disciplines, including visual arts, photography, and multimedia installations.

If you are so much into museums that you would like to see as many as possible, this fantastic combo ticket gives you skip-the-line entry to 6 of the best museums in Barcelona. You are also able to access them at a reduced fee.




  • Picasso Museum: Open Tuesday-Sunday from 10:00am to 7:00pm.
  • Miró Foundation: Open Tuesday-Sunday from 10:00am to 7:00pm.
  • CaixaForum: Open Monday-Sunday from 10:00am-8:00pm. 


  • Picasso Museum: General admission
    • Online: $13.03 USD
    • Box Office: $14.11 USD
  • Miró Foundation: General admission
    • Online: $8.68 USD
    • At museum: $9.77 USD
  • CaixaForum: General admission = $6.51 USD 

More Info

  • The pass includes the skip-the-line entry at: Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, Picasso Museum Barcelona, Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Joan Miro Foundation, Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona.
  • The pass doesn’t include a guide nor an audio guide.

#4 The historic Gothic Old Town

The Barri Gòtic (Gothic Quarter) is one of the many reasons Barcelona is such a charming city. This medieval district dates back over 2,000 years and offers an incredible mix of history and culture. It is part of Barcelona’s Ciutat Vella (Old Town), encompassing the remains of the city’s Roman wall.

Strolling around its winding, cobblestone streets surrounded by stone buildings and tree-lined squares will transport you back in time. But the Gothic Quarter isn’t just a medieval past: this neighborhood boasts a vibrant atmosphere that gives its best at night with Barcelona’s bustling cafe bar culture coming alive.

This historic part of the city was almost entirely remodeled in the 18th and 20th centuries, during which it took up the current Neo-Gothic look. The Gothic Quarter hides many treasures and important landmarks, so much so that you can spend hours after hours exploring it.

Barcelona Cathedral is located in the district, and here you will also see Plaça Real, one of the very first public projects taken upon by Gaudí. Another unmissable thing to visit while in the Gothic Quarter is El Call, Barcelona’s old Jewish Quarter, whose main attraction is the Sinagoga Major

The best way to discover everything about the beautiful Gothic Quarter is to join this walking tour, where an expert guide will take you on a journey through history.


Address: Meeting point is at the tourist information office in Plaça Seu, 2, Ciutat Vella, 08002 Barcelona, Spain. 


  • Starting time: 10:00am.
  • Approx 2 hours. 

Price: From $27.16 USD

Tips: It is highly recommended that you book tickets well in advance as this is a popular tour.

Get Your Go City Pass

Go City passes  Go City grants you access to 45+ of the city’s top attractions, museums, and tours. You also have 2-years to activate your pass and a 90-day refund on un-activated passes!

Currently, use code MAR10 to save 10% off.

#5 The iconic La Rambla

people exploring the la ramblapeople exploring the la rambla
Image via Flickr by Catalunya Experience

The city’s most iconic street, La Rambla is by far among the best things experience in Barcelona. 1.2 kilometers long, La Rambla connects Plaça Catalunya with the city’s old harbor (Port Vell). 

La Rambla divides Barcelona’s Ciutat Vella into two parts: the historic Gothic Quarter and the busy streets of El Raval. It is the main pedestrian thoroughfare through Barcelona, and it is always busy, with locals and tourists taking advantage of its many attractions.  

Besides hosting the world-famous La Boqueria market, along La Rambla are historically relevant monuments, museums, and fantastic eateries. Stop by the Caneletes Fountain, a late 19th-century drinking font popular for being where FC Barcelona fans reunite to celebrate their football team. Another place to visit is the Gran Teatre del Liceu, Barcelona’s main opera house. This theater opened in 1847 and it is mainly known for playing Wagner operas. 

Among the museums on La Rambla, visitors will find the Erotic Museum, the Maritime Museum, and the Wax Museum, which also houses the incredible Bosc de les Fades café. Another bar you shouldn’t miss is Bar Marsella, the oldest bar in the city. In activity since 1802, this old-fashioned venue was the favorite drinking spot of artists Hemingway and Picasso, who came here to drink their beloved absinthe. 

Enjoy a visit to the family-friendly Wax Museum at your own pace and marvel at the lifelike wax creations by purchasing your entrance ticket in advance


Address: Passatge de la Banca, 7 (La Rambla), 08002 Barcelona, Spain 


  • The entrance ticket is valid for a whole day.

Price: From $22.82 USD

Tips: Access to El Bosc de les Fades bar is included in the ticket.

#6 Amazing parks and gardens

people entering and exiting the front of park güell.people entering and exiting the front of park güell.

Monuments, museums, and churches aren’t all you will find in Barcelona. The city has amazing green spaces perfect for relaxing and escape from its hustle and bustle.  

The biggest park in Barcelona, the Parc de la Ciutadella (Ciutadella Park) was created in the mid-1800s when it was the only green space in the city. Its name hints at the citadel built in 1774 by King Philips V, whose remains can be seen in the Catalan Parliament Building. This wonderful park is free to access, and a great place to pass the hours in the sunshine.

Another awesome green area is Montjuïc Park. Located on the namesake hill, the park is an enormous complex of 250 hectares with numerous attractions and cultural landmarks. You will find the National Palace, home to the National Art Museum of Catalonia, and the Miró Foundation. There are many gardens scattered across the hillside, such as Laribal Gardens, the Font del Gat, and the Amargós Gardens, they are all fantastic to explore the different appearances and styles of these designer green spaces.  

A park that needs to be mentioned is the famous Park Güell. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this beautiful park is one of the many wonders created by Gaudí. Housing buildings that resemble gingerbread houses, colorful mosaics, sweeping columns, and majestic staircases, Park Güell is a must-do while in Barcelona. This park is an excellent example of Art Nouveau architecture blending with the natural landscape. Take advantage of this skip-the-line ticket for quick access to Park Güell


Address: Ctra. del Carmel, 23, 08024 Barcelona, Spain


  • From 1st July to 31st August: 9:00am to 7:30pm.
  • From 1st September to 29th October: 9:30am to 7:30pm.
  • 30th October 2022 to 31st December 2022: 9:30am to 5:30pm.
  • 1st January to 28th March: 9:30am to 6:15pm.
  • 29th March to 31st May: 9:00am to 8:00pm.

Price: From $28.80 USD


  • Without pre-purchased tickets, you risk waiting for hours in line to enter Park Güell because the entrance is limited to 1400 visitors per hour.
  • Purchase the skip-the-line ticket and avoid the wait. 

#7 The delicious food

skewered shrimp dinner in barcelona skewered shrimp dinner in barcelona

Spain is world-renowned for its cuisine, which you can enjoy everywhere in the country. Among the amazing Spanish cities you can explore, Barcelona has among the best food. Its cuisine is diverse, influenced by traditional Catalan flavors and international influences.    

It is almost impossible to have a bad meal in Barcelona, avoid anywhere that has photos of food menu boards outside and you won’t go far wrong! Barcelona’s gastronomy is known for its fresh seafood and delicious tapas. Tapas are tasty bite-sized snacks locals enjoy throughout the day, usually accompanied by a drink – similar to an aperitif. Barcelona has some of the finest tapas bars in Spain, so much so that this city is a true foodie paradise. 

If you are an adventurous foodie, there is much more to explore (and eat!) in Barcelona. The city has plenty of local eateries, Michelin Star restaurants, and fantastic food markets. If there is one spot in the city you shouldn’t miss, it is the iconic La Boqueria market.

Housed in a wrought-iron building on La Rambla, the market has been in business since 1836. Besides being frequented by locals to shop for high-quality produce, La Boqueria is also popular among tourists due to the many food stalls that are every gourmand’s delight. 

Around Barcelona are many other food markets. The Santa Caterina market in the El Born neighborhood is another famous one in the city. Characterized by a building with a curvy and multicolored roof, it is located just off the Via Laietana. In its many stalls, you can browse for first-quality produce, specialty ingredients, and all the food you can eat. 

Barcelona is full of well-rated food tours, a great way to experience the best of the city’s culinary panorama. This excellent food and drink walking tour with an expert local guide will also be the opportunity to learn more about the history of Barcelona’s old town.


Address: Meeting point at Travel Bar, located in Carrer de la Llebre, 2, Ciutat Vella, 08002 Barcelona, Spain.


  • The tour starting times are at 2:15pm or at 7:00pm. 

Price: From $64.11 USD 

Other info:

  • The tour doesn’t include hotel pickup and drop-off.
  • The tour includes food and drinks at each venue.

#8 Renowned nightlife

There are many reasons to visit Barcelona, including experiencing the famous nightlife that ignites venues around the city when the sun goes down. With vibrant bars, late-night beach clubs, and awesome sunset terraces with live music, Barcelona’s nightlife scene suits all tastes. 

Something great about partying in Barcelona is that it’s less expensive than in other major cities like London and New York. If clubbing is your scene, you will likely never want to leave Barcelona again. Have the best time in popular nightclubs like Sutton Club and Opium, animated by celebrity DJs, or head to high-energy clubs like Razzmatazz and Pacha.

Unlike the US, Spanish people start partying really late, showing up at clubs after midnight. It then goes without saying that they dance until the sun comes up again. The best neighborhoods in Barcelona to experience its dynamic nightlife are the Zona Alta and Barceloneta. 

If clubbing is not so much your vibe, in Barcelona, there are other venues where you can spend your evening. For a fancy cocktail, there are cocktail bars on almost every street, there are also a few that have been voted some of the best in the world. Paradiso is one of these bars and is an old speakeasy style, hidden behind what appears to be a normal shop front. Dr. Stravinsky is also a great place for unusual cocktails made with house-made spirits and a fun alchemy lab aesthetic. 

Barcelona also boasts cultural events and performances at night, and you can enjoy your time in theaters, jazz clubs, and flamenco bars. This flamenco show with optional dinner at the historic venue Tablao Flamenco Cordobes is a fantastic way to get to know the passionate rhythms of this dance.


Address: Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona, located in La Rambla, 35, Ciutat Vella, 08002 Barcelona, Spain.


  • The flamenco show starting times are at 8:15pm or at 10:00pm. 

Price: From $49.98 USD

Other info:

  • This tour includes 1-hour flamenco shows. 
  • It includes 1 drink during the show.
  • Dinner or tapas need to be selected and purchased separately.

#9 Wonderful beaches

Barcelona’s vibrant atmosphere beats not just in its bustling streets but also on its beaches. Just a short stroll from the Ciutat Vella is four kilometers of coastline, which is hands down one of the best things to do in Barcelona. 

The sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the velvety, golden sand make Barcelona beaches invite locals and visitors to enjoy the nice, warm day. From soaking up the sun to surfing the winter waves to enjoying an ice sangria on the beachside bars, there are many other things you can do in Barceloneta Beach. This is the closest beach to the city center, and boasts many shops, bars, and restaurants. 

In addition to Barceloneta, other popular beaches in the city are Nova Icaria, Nova Mar Bella, and Bogatell. 

Nova Icaria is perfect if you are looking to do water sports. This beach also hosts volleyball courts, tapas bars, and the famous Barcelona casino. From there, you can reach Ciutadella Park on foot. 

Nova Mar Bella offers instead golden sands and clear waters with choppy waves. This beach is popular among nudists and is lgbtq+ friendly. Bogatell Beach is ideal if you are traveling with kids since this beach has shallow waters and not much of the young music-playing/beer-drinking crowd.

To experience Barcelona beach at its finest, we would like to suggest this luxurious sunset catamaran cruise with live music.


Address: Meeting point at Catamaran Orsom, at the end of La Rambla, just next to Maremagnum bridge.


  • The tour starting times change based on the season. 

Price: From $26.62 USD 

Other info:

#10 Shopper’s Paradise

Barcelona is among the most famous shopping destinations in Europe. Every shopaholic paradise, the city has countless shopping venues for all tastes and budgets. Barcelona’s shopping scene is as eclectic as the city, where you will find everything from high-end designer boutiques to vintage shops to local markets. 

The unmissable stop for shopping is Passeig de Gracia. This stylish boulevard stretches from Plaça de Catalunya up to the Gràcia neighborhood, and it is referred to as the Champs-Élysées of Barcelona. Stroll down Passeig de Gracia to find luxury shops like Hermes, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton.

For a more budget-friendly shopping experience, head to the El Born and El Raval neighborhoods. These districts offer trendy boutiques and vintage shops selling everything from handmade jewelry to artisanal crafts to vintage clothing. You will find the majority of the stores inside charming historic buildings, which makes the whole shopping experience even more terrific.

For those looking for great deals on designer stores, you should visit La Roca Village Outlet. This is a large designer outlet mall 35 kilometers from Barcelona’s center. The outlet is home to 150 designer shops, which you can easily reach on a day-trip from Barcelona with this shopping experience tour.


Address: Meeting point at Estación del Norte Barcelona.


  • The tour can be booked every hour from 9:00am to 8:00pm. 

Price: From $24.16 

Other info:

  • The return transportation will be on a luxury air-conditioned coach.
  • A VIP discount card is provided to shop in all fashion stores.
  • Link to book tour here.

Where To Stay In Barcelona

These are our selections of centrally located hotels that you can consider staying in when planning your next trip to Barcelona.


hammock in living space of casa camper hotel barcelonahammock in living space of casa camper hotel barcelona

Casa Camper Hotel Barcelona

This top-rated boutique hotel is conveniently located between La Rambla and the MACBA art gallery. All the designer bedrooms are spacious, with a separate lounge area, and boast views over a vertical garden or the city landscape. Casa Camper Barcelona also features a well-known restaurant serving Asian tapas and a terrace with a bar.


yurbban trafalgar hotel roof pool and lounge seatsyurbban trafalgar hotel roof pool and lounge seats

Yurbban Trafalgar Hotel

The highlight of this hotel is its rooftop terrace with a swimming pool from where guests can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of Barcelona. In addition to serving a highly-rated breakfast, this hotel features a gym, a bar, a restaurant, and a tour desk.


standard room at h10 raco del pistandard room at h10 raco del pi

H10 Raco del Pi

Located right in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, this 3-star hotel is in a charming historic building. The clean and modern rooms are small but equipped with everything for a comfortable stay. In addition, the hotel has a terrace at the guests’ disposal and serves a daily continental breakfast.


unique painted wall in room of room mate carlaunique painted wall in room of room mate carla

Room Mate Carla

This hotel is just a 5-minute walk from Casa Milà and 15 minutes on foot from the Sagrada Familia. All the rooms feature modern and colorful décor; moreover, they have air-con, flat-screen TV, and minibar. Room Mate Carla also features a modern bar serving cocktails and a big terrace.

Closing Thoughts

Ultimately, we think Barcelona is totally worth it. This fabulous European city is among our top 5 favorites in the world as it offers a huge array of attractions to see and things to do that you won’t even know where to start. Talking about its astonishing architecture, world-class museums, and thriving culinary and nightlife scenes, we are just scraping the surface of the why a trip to Barcelona is a fantastic idea.

After reading these 10 reasons to visit Barcelona, we hope we have inspired you to consider it as your next destination. Whether you are looking for a summer getaway or a winter escape, Barcelona boasts gorgeous weather that will make a vacation perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Barcelona worth visiting in the winter?

Barcelona is a great city to explore at any time of year, including winter. During winter, you will find fewer crowds, lower prices, and usually very pleasant weather with clear skies and average temperatures of 12-14°C (53-57 F) during the day.

Do I need to buy skip-the-line tickets?

Absolutely yes! Unless you travel to Barcelona in the middle of the winter, purchasing skip-the-line tickets is your best bet. Otherwise, you might need to queue for hours before accessing the city’s top attractions.

Is Barcelona a safe city to visit?

Generally speaking, Barcelona is pretty safe. As it is for several bigger cities, pickpocketing is among the main risks tourists have to face. To avoid it, you just need to travel smart and be particularly aware of your belongings in crowded areas like La Rambla and on the metro.

Should I buy the Barcelona City Pass?

The Go Barcelona Pass provides free admission to over 40 of the top attractions in the city (e.g., Sagrada Familia, Parc Güell, and Casa Batlló). It allows you to skip the long entrance lines at several of these attractions. In addition, it includes a 1-day free Hop-on-Hop-Off Bus Tour ticket. So yes, it is worth buying it for longer stays.

When is “tapas time” in Barcelona?

People all over Spain consume tapas twice daily, around 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Visiting a tapas bar within these time frames guarantees you the freshest food and the best atmosphere.

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