Trip.Biz, the travel management company from Group, has unveiled a new app to help business travelers make arrangements – and receive approvals – seamlessly.

“Trip.Biz empowers users to navigate the complexities of corporate travel with ease,” said Violet Zong, chief marketing officer at Trip.Biz. “Our commitment to user-centric experience is further echoed in our fresh new logo, symbolizing our dedication to meeting the ever-changing needs of modern businesses while upholding our core values.”

The app should be available for 24/7 customer support in a number of languages.

For traveling employees, the app allows flight and hotel bookings with post-booking management options including refund requests and more. It also provides an interface to help users manage itineraries.

For managers, the app offers functions that allow for approvals to be managed centrally – even in different countries. The app is meant to be adaptable to the user’s organization structure, to streamline the management of business travel in the way that fits each business’ needs.

Currently, Trip.Biz offers a selection of international flights across 147 countries, and its network of hotels for business travel stretches over 230 countries and regions. The platform also offers ride services in 60 countries.

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