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When you choose flights from any airline or any OTA (Online Travel Agency) they give you the option of different cabins, economy, premium economy, business class and first class. Each cabin has different spaces for seats and complementary comforts on offer vary too. As with everything in this world, the more you pay, the more you get. As the name suggests, business class seats are recommended for those in business and their rates make them suitable for high-earning groups. FlightsChannel has some business class flight deals that will make you smile with the discounts on offer. These vary if you choose to fly as a group or if your entire family is going on a vacation.

What makes business-class cabins different?

The seats are more spacious in this cabin than in the economy cabin, you will have more privacy too with either nobody besides you or with a partition. You can extend your seat into a comfortable sleeping bed, though in first-class cabins you will have even larger beds. You will have a larger seatback screen and with fewer passengers in the cabin, the flight attendant will have more time for you. Usually, Wi-Fi connections will be included in the cost of the tickets and you can use your device for either entertainment or any work that you may want to do. You will be able to check in more baggage without extra charges and you can take more hand luggage with you.

The cost factor

At the various airline counters you will be given preferential treatment, i.e. there will be separate queues for you if there are any at all. At the departure gate, you will be able to board before the economy passengers. As for meals and beverages, you will get more choices for what is served or you can choose from a set menu. You will be getting all the privileges that first-class cabin passengers enjoy but with some downgraded comforts. Though the seats here cost almost double or more than what you will be paying for economy seats, the cost of these will still be much lower than the seats in the first-class cabin.

Another way to pay

If you are a frequent flyer, you will know that you can have your seats upgraded to costlier cabins, at the time of check-in if these are available. Sometimes you may be asked to pay a small amount for this upgrade and in some cases, you may be able to get these without any charges. Most airlines will allow you to use your reward points or miles as these are called by some airlines to pay for these. Yes, loyalty always pays and the more you fly with one airline the more points you earn. If you are a business class passenger, you will also get access to airline lounges and you may even more points than others for the more miles you fly. If you have enough miles you can even book a flight using these, without spending a single dollar.

The post Unbeatable offers from FlightsChannel on business class flight deals appeared first on Brand TD.

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