Univar Solutions LLC (“Univar Solutions” or “the Company”), a leading global solutions provider to users of specialty ingredients and chemicals, and Italmatch USA Corp., providers of advanced water management solutions using sustainable chemistry, has announced a sole distribution agreement to expand their partnership in the United States and Canada in the homecare, industrial, and institutional (HI&I) cleaning ingredients markets. Adding Italmatch’s Dequest PB product line to Univar Solutions’ North American sustainable and natural cleaning ingredients portfolio enhances the ongoing relationship between the two companies.

Univar Solutions and Italmatch USA Corp have entered a sole distribution agreement in the U.S. and Canada for Dequest PB products.
The addition of Dequest PB to Univar Solutions’ portfolio enhances their commitment to providing eco-friendly solutions.
Dequest PB, a biopolymer derived from chicory plants, offers sustainable antiscalant properties.

“Together with Italmatch, we recognize the growing worldwide demand for safe, effective, and environmentally friendly water solutions that can help manufacturers maintain a high level of cleaning performance,” said James Peterson, global vice president of CARE for Univar Solutions. “We’re committed to sustainable innovation and excited to be the market’s sole distributor for Italmatch’s Dequest PB carboxymethyl inulin (CMI) technology for natural HI&I cleaning applications in North America. CMI is a sustainable antiscalant, and adding this to our portfolio aligns with our focus on providing our customers with natural and sustainable ingredient options to respond to the demands of today’s eco-conscious consumers.”

Univar Solutions is a trusted provider of high-performance, eco-friendly solutions like CMI for water management and cleaning. CMI is a biopolymer derived from the roots of chicory plants. Naturally derived, this biodegradable dispersant and scale inhibitor is used as an alternative to phosphonates. Dequest PB biological polymers were developed to meet the needs of industries involved in water management and those that deal with processes or applications where water plays a crucial role, such as HI&I, detergents, and cleaners. 

Working with supplier partners like Italmatch, Univar Solutions brings sustainable and natural cleaning ingredients to life through innovative concepts and technical expertise at its Solution Centers. Univar Solutions’ flagship Solution Center in Houston, Texas, is home to a global center of excellence for innovation in the HI&I industry, helping customers develop high-performing and environmentally friendly cleaning formulations. With access to an impressive range of sustainable ingredients and a global network of solution centers, customers can tailor their experience and maximize innovative solutions while delivering on key consumer trends. 

“We are excited to start working with Univar Solutions as our sole distributor for Dequest PB products in the North American market,” said Mark Eyers, global advanced water solutions bu vice president for Italmatch Chemicals. “Adding our CMI based products to Univar Solutions’ HI&I product ranges will significantly increase the exposure of these bio-based products to the North American market cleaning products formulators, helping them to achieve the performance targets set for their sustainable product lines development.”

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