Upasana Singh Recalls A Director Once Called Her To Meet Him At Hotel To Give Role With Anil Kapoor

Upasana Singh is renowned for her versatile characters in multiple Hindi and Punjabi films. However, it was her role as a deaf and dumb in the Anil Kapoor and Sridevi starrer film, Judaai that gave her immense popularity. Following this, she was also part of many blockbusters like Loafer, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, and others. Later, she became popular with her character, ‘Bua’, on the comedy TV show, Comedy Nights with Kapil. She is known for her iconic dialogue, “Bittu, Kaun hai ye aadmi?” in the same show.

Upasana Singh reveals disturbing incident of how she was once lured to do a film opposite Anil Kapoor

However, Upasana Singh too, faced quite some hurdles to make a niche for herself in the entertainment industry. Now, in an interview with ETimes, the actress opened up about her struggles and mentioned that, according to her, the film and television industry is relatively safe for women when compared to other professions. She added that nobody here can force one to do something, and if one is talented and patient enough to wait for their time to come, then they would definitely find the right opportunity.

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In the same conversation, Upasana then went on to reveal a disturbing incident from the initial days of her career. She shared how once a director’s inappropriate advances left her shaken. It was when Upasana was asked if she ever let go of any films. To this, she explained that a South Indian director once had lured her with an offer to cast her opposite Anil Kapoor. After she shared the piece of news with her family, the director asked her to come to his hotel late at night. However, due to her mere age of 17, she was unable to understand the motive behind the same. Upasana shared:

“I had let go of films too. I will not take names but a director from the South had signed me for a film opposite Anil Kapoor. I announced this news to all my relatives. The director called me to meet him at a hotel for a ‘sitting.’ I was only 17 back then and very naïve. I told him that I would come the next day because I did not have any resources to travel to the hotel to listen to the story. He told me that he would send a car to get me. He said, ‘You didn’t understand the meaning of ‘sitting’? Film line mein aane ke liye sitting toh karni padti hai’.”

Upasana narrates how she reacted to the director’s demands then

Afterwards, when Upasana understood the real meaning of the director’s demands, the actress became extremely furious. She then gave a bad scolding to that director. However, since she lost the golden opportunity to work with Anil Kapoor then, she became extremely emotional. Thus, she had also locked herself inside her room for a week. Revealing how her mother helped her at that time, she stated:

“I am a Sikhni. I was furious, ‘How could he say something like this?’ I scolded him in his office, ‘You are my father’s age. How could you even think like this about me?’ Then I cried a lot too. I remember I was walking on a footpath in Bandra, crying and thinking about what would people think – the ones whom I had told that I was going to be Anil Kapoor’s heroine. It messed up with my mind. I didn’t leave my house for seven days. My mother gave me courage saying I had done the right thing.”

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Upasana on further rejection and choices she made in the professional front

Further, Upasana revealed that she faced several rejections in her acting career. She was also removed from many films. But she had a belief in herself and kept working hard. Then, she worked in several Bollywood films in short roles instead of playing the lead roles in regional ones. Explaining the reason behind the same, she shared:

“I was removed from several films, once by the hero himself. But I knew that I was talented and would make it one day. People asked me why I did ‘Judaai’ at the age of 21 when I could have tried to become a heroine. I had done theatre. I thought instead of being the lead actress in smaller, regional films, I’d rather play supporting roles in bigger films because there was no one to recommend me. I only had my work to show.”

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