As Valencia’s Councilor for Large Projects, José Marí Olano, celebrates Spain’s Sustainability Day in London by participating in a panel discussion about biodiversity, we are reminded of the incredible green treasures Valencia holds. 

Valencia provides a unique getaway, combining the vibrant atmosphere of a lively city alongside green spaces you’d expect in the countryside, making for the perfect spring getaway. The recent launch of a guide called ‘Green Routes of Valencia’ also now means visitors can make the most of these spaces. The ‘Green Routes’ focus on three key areas: nature, sustainable mobility, and recovery of public space in their exploration of the city. The routes can be done individually or all combined into one large route tracing everything from the longest urban park in Europe, the Turia Gardens, to the birthplace of paella in the Albufera Natural Park.

Getting there

With the combinations of the warm temperatures, beachside delights and a rich historic culture in the Old Town, Valencia holds the ingredients for a wonderful getaway. Whatsmore, direct flights are available across the UK and Ireland, including departures from Bristol, London Gatwick, Stansted, Heathrow, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Belfast, Cork, Dublin and most recently, Birmingham, with fares starting from £47 return per person.

What’s new?

Tickets are still available for music festival Deleste from 17th -19th May 2024. The festival is set to have iconic British bands perform including James, responsible for iconic hit “Say Something” set to headline.

Bombas Gens Art Centre reopened last month, revealing its latest technological advancements. The digital art space is currently showcasing an exhibition on Salvador Dalí, entitled “Dalí gone cyber. Art, science and technology”. The art centre offers an immersive journey through the work of the Catalan artist depicting how his genius was influenced by science and technology.




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